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A Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,


Having read Konnikova, Maria. “How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy” in the New Yorker, September 10th, 2013, accessed in January 24th, 2017, I feel very enlightened. I had no idea what I was doing to myself while continuously scrolling down the news feed, or looking at my buddies’ profiles. I thought I felt more relaxed or happy even, but now I realize how wrong I was.

The illusion of connectivity and being social really drags you swiftly down to loneliness, and the worst is how it catches you off guard. You can’t react to the evolution of depression.

Most of the time you will need your friends to help you rise from the pit. The depression and loneliness feeds themselves as you spend more and more time scrolling down deeper and deeper. The effect is similar to any other addiction.

Instead of chatting and socializing with your friends online, you are more likely to slowly get detached from them. When you only chat with them on the media and never catch up with each others, the bond of friendship starts to weaken.

Sometimes Facebook can be a great tool to share your greatest moments, organize events or communicate with friends living far away from you. Even so Facebook starts to make you feel worse rapidly if used just a bit too much.

So exactly how much is too much? — If only someone would know the answer.



Student from Espoo, Finland






Ketchups and dachshunds encounter

Heinz Ketchup Gabe day 2016 Hot Dog Commercial “Wiener stampede” released on 31 January in 2016. It have presented one year on TV in US and Canada. Commercial’s founder and chief creative officer is Anselmo Ramos of creative agency DAVID Miami and the production director is Jeff Low.

  The commercial is for that people decide there is also other products than just their basic ketchup. In the commercial eight people are dressed up with different variations of Heinz ketchups, barbecue and mustard. They stand in the large grass area and are waiting the dachshunds dressed as hot dogs running across a field to reach them. The song that plays in the background is “Without you” by Harry Nilsson.

  Commercial is funny. Dachshunds makes it endearing and lovely and it is also joyful because of perky colors. “From the beginning of the creative process, we tried to find something simple, visual, and fun to communicate that hot dogs can’t resist the great taste of Heinz,” said Anselmo Ramos.

  The commercial was part of the Super Bowl 2016. One of the best parts about the big game is the ads. The commercial was also part of the new Heinz campaign called “Meet the Ketchups”.


Theme 5 Great Sources (JÄR)

Choose either A or B. Post your work under Theme 5 Great Sources (JÄR).


Your job is to research a major online paper from the US or the UK and write a post presenting your findings. Feel free to include any enlightening media (videos, statistics, links, photos) and don’t forget to mention your sources. The following questions regarding each paper should be answered in your post.

  1. Is it a newspaper, a tabloid or a scientific newspaper or magazine?
  2. What is the circulation?
  3. What is the intended target audience?
  4. What is the history of the paper?
  5. Can you describe the style?
  6. Is there a political agenda?
  7. Does the paper have any qualities that seem unique to the US or the UK?
  8. Summarize the day’s headlines and comment on the kinds of news the paper has decided to present on the front page.
  9. Find one article that you like and explain why.
  10. Find something that you don’t like and explain why.
  11. Would you recommend reading this paper and why? Could you use it as a source of information for school, for example? What do you think about the visual appearance = their website?

Prepare to present your post to the rest of the class!


  • Find a video news report online (approximately 5 minutes long) by BBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX or some other broadcasting  company. YouTube is a good place to start, most have their own channel. Obviously, you must choose a video that does not already have subtitles.
  • Embed the video in your post and create your own subtitles underneath. You have to listen very carefully to get it right!
  • First transcribe what you hear in English, then translate (and summarize) in Finnish. Both texts should be visible in your post – we need to be able to detect possible mistakes!

Classic Dr Pepper

Dr Peppers commercial from 1979 by David Naughton is in my opinion a great commercial for many reasons firstly i think the song is funny and over the top when it comes to promoting soda, secondly because i love these commercials where they actually put time and effort in making them.

The whole commercial is a song called I am a Pepper sung by sailors the lyrics of the song are about how people who drink Dr pepper are different than others and them also calling other Dr Pepper drinkers peppers. The commercial also explains that Dr Pepper is the only one that tastes that way and that it has original taste (whatever that means) and those are used as selling points for it. This commercial also has Popeye in it and in this he does not eat spinach but he drinks Dr Pepper what a sellout.

Old commercial where also a lot better in my opinion because they  where simply but got the job done and only had one job to do and it was to sell that product but now it feels every commercial is selling you a lifestyle instead of a product.

Fresh new kicks

The Footlocker commercial which was released in 2013 had two really famous NBA players, James Harden and Stephen Curry. Footlocker is a world famous shoe company which has all the newest street style shoes.

I noticed some symbolism because basketball players are usually seen as an street styled people so they wanted to put these two top players who represent street style. They wore Nike clothes and they look like they want something new and fresh, and that’s when Steph says that they should go to Footlocker.

In this commercial they targeted everyone who is interested in nice street and basketball styled with premium quality, mostly young adults but many people use these shoes even tho they are about 50 years old (mostly rappers). The commercial wasnt about single product but based on that I would check out the place if I already didn’t know how it is.




The Doritos commercial “Ultrasound” is a 30-second ad which was released on 3rd of February in 2016. The video created by Peter Carstairs shows a woman getting an ultrasound while the man is munching on Doritos. After getting annoyed with her husband, the woman abruptly throws the chips away which the fetus follows by flying out of the mother’s uterus.

The commercial started heated conversation amongst the anti-abortion and pro-choice groups when it was released. Some people have claimed that it is taking a political stand by supporting abortion or humanizing fetuses. Others have also said that the ad is using sexist tropes while portraying “mothers as uptight and husband as clueless”.

Doritos’ commercial is a great example on an ad that is both effective and controversial. It’s humorous and short enough for the viewers not to lose their interest. The colours of the commercial are mostly light with different shades of grey, blue and green. The focus is immediately drawn to the red bag of chips which is the only deeper coloured thing on the commercial.

Ultrasound is of one those commercials that people will either find hilarious or offensive. It’s doesn’t really seem to be made to be political, but it’s definitely out there hovering above the line of questionable taste.


A Different Christmas Commercial

H&M’s commercial Come Together was released November 27th, 2016. It’s a 4-minute short film directed by Wes Anderson. It’s Christmas Day and there are six passengers and three staff members on a train. The train gets delayed to its destination by 11 and a half hours. Because of that conductor Ralph (Adrien Brody) decides to offer a Christmas brunch for everyone. At the end they are decorating a Christmas tree with a joyful mood. The commercial brings out the warmth of the family celebration, having even strangers join together.

The actors are wearing warm, cozy winter clothes from H&M. There’s also formal wear for men. There’s a large variety among the actors’ ethnicities, indicating that H&M is against racism. The most used color is green which is also the color of the train. Usually green symbolizes life; no matter what happens, you must find a way to keep going. In the commercial this was shown by the train getting delayed, resulting to the people not being able to spend Christmas with their families but they celebrate it with each other.

The commercial hasn’t received much critique since it was directed by the talented Wes Anderson. The atmosphere feels great and the camera angles are creative. There is also some humor, for example the child on the train is referred to as “unaccompanied minor”.

The target group is both male and female of all ages but maybe the commercial reaches more women since it shows a larger range of women’s clothes than men’s clothes.

I would by some of the clothes based on the commercial because it’d be lovely just to wrap myself up in those warm sweaters. However, at first I thought the commercial was too long for just a clothing commercial but it is a short film after all so I can’t blame it.


“Come Together: A Fashion Picture in Motion (2016).” IMDb, Accessed 20 December, 2016.


Jenna Porkka

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