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After each theme, students have been asked to comment their peers’ work constructively. Comments should be posted within a week of the task. If you cannot find your opponent’s post by the end of the week, you are allowed to comment any other post that you find intriguing.

Think about the following questions when writing your comment:


  • Has the author(s) understood the instructions and completed the task successfully?
  • What do you think about the language and vocabulary – rich and colorful, or simple and not very challenging?
  • Why do you like it / why not? Please point out specific details.
  • How could it be developed further?

Media, appearance and sources

  • Are there links / videos / pictures? What about captions?
  • Are they relevant / original? Do you like them and why?
  • Has the author considered copyrights and used only pictures that he/she is allowed to use?
  • Can you detect any copy-pasting?

Theme 1 Our Favorite Blogs

Please comment on the blog post of your assigned opponents according to the instructions above.

  • Henri – Sebastian – Petteri
  • Izet – Petteri
  • Qifan – Miio
  • Chenchen – Afifa
  • Nana – Julia
  • Melda – comment anyone!

Theme 2 Food & Fashion

  • Vote for your favorite blog post that you would like to share with the school’s Facebook page. Justify why you voted for that particular post.

Theme 3 Ad analyses

  • Check the Matriculation Examination Evaluation Criteria (p. 40)and justify your points for the essay based on the rubric. You can do this in English or Finnish.
  • Look closely at the sources. Have they been marked properly.
  • The student was asked to ANALYSE an ad or commercial, not REVIEW it. What is the difference and how do you think they succeeded in the task?
  • Can you pinpoint the student’s hypothesis (theory)?
  1. Izet – Sebastian
  2. Qifan – Henri
  3. Chenchen – Afifa/Melda
  4. Julia – Nana

If you can’t find your partner’s text, please feel free to comment any other!

Theme 4 YouTube videos – news reports

Read the news articles written by your classmates or watch the news reports. Since you have the chance to win a moment of glory and get your article / video published on the school’s Facebook page, your comment is also your vote.  Comment on the one you think is the best. You need to explain why you think that news report should win, but also suggest what could be done better next time.  Why does it deserve a spot in the limelight? What do you think of the news report’s content and its appearance? Does it look like a real news article / video?

Theme 5 Facebook

Which celebrity Facebook profile do you prefer and why? Write a comment! Don’t forget to press ‘like’!

Theme 6 Sources / Subtitling

  • A: Was the presentation informative? Would you use the newspaper / magazine website as a source? Why / why not?
  • B: Does the transcription work? Why / why not? Can you point out any mistakes?
    • Afifa – Qifan
    • Sebastian – Henri
    • Chenchen – Izet