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The New York Times

The New York Times is a newspaper published online and in New York, USA. It’s published daily and its circulation is the second largest in the United States and it has been ranked the 39th largest circulation in the world. The target group was originally just New Yorkers but now The New York Times has an international edition, too, and the online newspaper’s language can be switched to English, Spanish or Chinese which tells us that the target group is everyone who speaks at least one of these world’s most used languages.

The New York Times was originally published as New-York Daily Times and it was founded on September 18, 1851 by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones. It was published Monday through Saturday but Sunday was added on April 21, 1861. In 1857, the newspaper’s name was changed to The New-York Times and the hyphen between New York was removed in the 1890s. Before the 1880s, The New York Times supported the Republican Party but in the 1880s it became more politically independent. In 1884, it supported Grover Cleveland, a Democrat who was running for president. This dropped The New York Times’ revenue from $188,000 to $56,000 but it gained its lost readers back within a few years. After Raymond died in 1869 and Jones in 1891, Charles Ransom Miller bought the newspaper for one million dollars but after the economic depression in 1893, the newspaper started losing $1,000 a day. Slowly, it got back on its feet and became one of the most trusted newspapers. Now the editor of The New York Times has claimed that the newspaper stands by the liberal side but some see it as conservative.

The website of The New York Times looks clear and it’s simple to navigate. The font of the titles has somewhat the same look as in the old printed versions and the news has been placed so that it resembles an actual first page in a printed newspaper instead of just news randomly listed one after another.

There are a lot of news about politics – especially about Trump and Obama – and Middle East, like refugees from Syria. On its front page, the newspaper clearly wants to inform the readers about major events in the society and the world instead of news that don’t concern everyone.

I like the article “Ice That Sparkles Like Diamonds Washes Onto Japanese Shores” simply because the pictures about this beautiful natural phenomenon look astonishing. It’s nice to have a piece of news that isn’t about violence or politics.

In my opinion, the article “Why Do Cooks Love the Instant Pot? I Bought One to Find Out” is way too long for an item review and that’s why I dislike it. I feel like I was wasting my time reading this over-analyzing article.

I think The New York Times offers a lot of insight in what’s going on in the world and I definitely recommend reading it because it can make you more sophisticated. And if you want to read less significant articles, for example about celebrities, this newspaper covers that, too. The articles can be used for school work, they seem to have reliable sources.




Fox sports is a sports newspaper about all different sports. Their intended audiences are everyone who is interested about sports. August 17, 2013 was the original launching date of fox sports 1. The style is simple. They use intriguing titles and interesting pictures to get your attention. In this newspaper there is not political agenda at all.

To days headline is about NFL team The San Francisco 49ers. In the post reporter has told that 49ers have gotten a new coach (it is 4th new coach in 4 years). Like always there is a quote from the new coach saying that this year they will make difference and beat the New England Patriots (which are their rival team) among many others.

Other posts which are presented in the front page are about (American) football because Super bowl (NFL finals) is coming this weekend.

One post that i didn’t like at all was about WWE which is a pro wrestling show. There were told that the WWE legend Brock Lesnar will challenge The Goldberg in next Royal rumble  (name of the show). I did not like it because i do not like that at all because it is all fake fighting and i do not see why someone is interested in something like that when everyone knows that the winners are decided upfront.

The post that i liked was about NBA and there were told who are the 10 best point guards in NBA right now and why.

I would recommend to read Fox sports if you are interested in sports, but I could never use it in either school works nor for a source of information.





The Express

The paper is called Express and it is a British newspaper. Last year it was read 408,700 times daily making it Britain`s eight largest newspaper. The newspaper covers all kinds of news ranging from politics to sport so i would say anyone could read it (maybe not kids though). Express was founded in 1900 and it is obsessed in news regarding late Princess Diane (in the 2006 she made the headline 46 times). The language is very formal and very newspaper like (lacking any comedy or irony and focusing on facts only) and of course written very well. As stated the newspaper has obsession with Princess Diana so very much a British magazine. Most not if all headlines are concerning the new president of United states in some form.

Pigs given ROBOTIC hearts in medical breakthrough that could save MILLIONS of lives.

Was a really interesting headline because of its importance to medicine and because pigs are cute.

Man infuriates internet with THIS picture taken in the woods

I didn`t like this cause the article was a bad joke and it had no place on a website like this.


I would recommend reading this newspaper if you like new about Princess Diana, but for other news there are better choices.





ROBOTIC-hearts-medical-breakthrough-heart-failure By SEAN MARTIN
PUBLISHED: 10:37, Fri, Jan 27, 2017
viral-photo-man-woods By HELEN COFFEY
PUBLISHED: 08:03, Fri, Jan 27, 2017




A Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In the article “How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy” (September 10, 2013) by Maria Konnikova there were listed numerous experiments showing how Facebook lowers the users’ happiness and makes them feel lonely. However, I’m questioning the experiments’ reliability. Were they done under controlled circumstances? For example in the first experiment done by Ethan Kross, they sent text messages to the participants asking how they were feeling and the amount of their Facebook use. But without the elimination of other possible causes of unhappiness, you can’t know for sure it’s just Facebook making people unhappy.

There is also one experiment that seems to generalize the results, saying that “the more people used the Web, the lonelier and more depressed they felt.” It’s true that Facebook can make people unhappy because of jealousy and such but not every website is like Facebook. There are communities and forums of all sizes where everyone supports each other so I’m sure you can find a site where you fit in without getting depressed or jealous of others.

So, Facebook is just one website among others. If it makes you unhappy, it’s probably not the website for you. As Konnikova writes at the end of her article, “Facebook isn’t the problem. It’s the symptom.” So actually, it’s not Facebook itself making people unhappy, it’s how we react to it.

Jenna Porkka, Espoo

Classic Dr Pepper

Dr Peppers commercial from 1979 by David Naughton is in my opinion a great commercial for many reasons firstly i think the song is funny and over the top when it comes to promoting soda, secondly because i love these commercials where they actually put time and effort in making them.

The whole commercial is a song called I am a Pepper sung by sailors the lyrics of the song are about how people who drink Dr pepper are different than others and them also calling other Dr Pepper drinkers peppers. The commercial also explains that Dr Pepper is the only one that tastes that way and that it has original taste (whatever that means) and those are used as selling points for it. This commercial also has Popeye in it and in this he does not eat spinach but he drinks Dr Pepper what a sellout.

Old commercial where also a lot better in my opinion because they  where simply but got the job done and only had one job to do and it was to sell that product but now it feels every commercial is selling you a lifestyle instead of a product.

A Different Christmas Commercial

H&M’s commercial Come Together was released November 27th, 2016. It’s a 4-minute short film directed by Wes Anderson. It’s Christmas Day and there are six passengers and three staff members on a train. The train gets delayed to its destination by 11 and a half hours. Because of that conductor Ralph (Adrien Brody) decides to offer a Christmas brunch for everyone. At the end they are decorating a Christmas tree with a joyful mood. The commercial brings out the warmth of the family celebration, having even strangers join together.

The actors are wearing warm, cozy winter clothes from H&M. There’s also formal wear for men. There’s a large variety among the actors’ ethnicities, indicating that H&M is against racism. The most used color is green which is also the color of the train. Usually green symbolizes life; no matter what happens, you must find a way to keep going. In the commercial this was shown by the train getting delayed, resulting to the people not being able to spend Christmas with their families but they celebrate it with each other.

The commercial hasn’t received much critique since it was directed by the talented Wes Anderson. The atmosphere feels great and the camera angles are creative. There is also some humor, for example the child on the train is referred to as “unaccompanied minor”.

The target group is both male and female of all ages but maybe the commercial reaches more women since it shows a larger range of women’s clothes than men’s clothes.

I would by some of the clothes based on the commercial because it’d be lovely just to wrap myself up in those warm sweaters. However, at first I thought the commercial was too long for just a clothing commercial but it is a short film after all so I can’t blame it.


“Come Together: A Fashion Picture in Motion (2016).” IMDb, Accessed 20 December, 2016.


Jenna Porkka

Food blog

Hello readers! I was wondering what I’d eat for breakfast yesterday and I decided to make some waffles. So here’s a recipe for some good waffles! You can have these as breakfast of snack and they are really easy to make. If you don’t want it to be too sweet, you can leave the sugar out.


2 eggs

2 cups of flour

1 3/4 cups milk

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 tablespoon white sugar

4 teaspoons baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Preheat waffle iron. Beat eggs in large bowl until fluffy. Add flour, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, baking powder, salt and vanilla.

Put some oil on waffle iron and pour waffle batter on the iron. Cook until brown. Serve hot.

Kassus kitchen

Hello there readers and welcome to my blog. As the name suggests this blog is about food, but what kind of food you may ask yourself well that is easy to answer its of course about the weirdest foods from all over the globe. Today i have a special treat for you all its called chocolate covered bacon as the name implies its fried bacon which is the covered with chocolate  and yes this is a real recipe  and not a joke from an american tv-show.

You will need about 200 grams of chocolate morsels  and a pack of bacon

Here is the recipe

  1. Heat large skillet on high; add bacon strips.
  2. Turn bacon strips over as needed with tongs.
  3. Cook back until it’s reduced to about ¼ of its original size and appears to be crispy. (Personally I believe that the bacon should be crispy; however if you prefer your chocolate covered bacon chewy opposed to crunchy then reduce cooking time by removing your bacon earlier).
  4. Drain bacon on papertowels to remove grease.
  5. While the bacon is cooling fill the double boiler or medium sauce pan with water and bring to a medium heat.
  6. Place double boiler top pan in double boiler bottom pan or put the small sauce pan in the medium sauce pan.
  7. Slowly add chocolate morsels into top pan and stir while morsels melt. Do this until all morels have been added. (Be sure to keep stirring to prevent the chocolate from burning.).
  8. Using your fingers or tongs carefully dip the bacon strips into the chocolate, if necessary use a spoon to spoon the melted chocolate over the bacon evenly coating it.
  9. Once coated lay strips on cooling rack (with something underneath to catch the drips) or waxed paper lined cookie sheet. Cool in refrigerator for 15 minutes to set chocolate.

When you are done you  can enjoy the salty goodness of bacon with added sweetness of the chocolate best of both worlds i say!

Theme 3 Analyze This!


Would you buy Pepsi, based on this commercial? Why / why not? What do you think sexist means and what specifically do you think is sexist about this commercial?

Ad Analyses

  • Find an English-speaking commercial on YouTube (on your own or in pairs). Please embed it in your post by Adding media -> from URL.
  • Write an analysis of the commercial (150-300 words,99 points).
    • Research the commercial to find out when it was originally aired, who made it and if it was ever criticized publicly. Cite your sources MLA style.
    • Write a proper introduction with a topic sentence and a short description of what goes on in the commercial and your theory:
      • DON’T start like this: “We found this ad.”
      • START like this: “The Pepsi commercial released in 1957 by Nathan Grimes is sexist.”
    • Use linking words to structure your essay!
    • In your analysis, pay attention to details!
      • Who does what and why?
      • Did you notice any symbolism (Don’t forget colors!)
      • What are people wearing and what do they look like?
      • Which target group? Would you buy the product based on the commercial?
  • Be critical and write in present tense!

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