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Theme 6 Online Sources

BBC News Children:New billionaires


Is this a future billionaire?At 15-years old Thomas crate created himself, some apps for smartphones and google glasses. That´s what he´s wearing by the way. And that´s how he´s filming us with those glasses. Thomas has big plans for his summer. He want´s to revolutionize 3D-printing technology.

Thomas: Recently I uploaded a patent to a 3D-printing. I´m trying to make a 3D-printing faster and more real. The key there is a speed, and we are trying to print ten times more faster than current generation 3D-printers. Thomas is self top when it comes to business and coding.

This school is trying to create a antripronose starting from age eleven. At the individual creature school, kids are encouraged to start own companies on school time. These twelve years-old captains have planned school plats for their school mates. They say that kids have a big advantage  what comes to the creating a next big thing.

Kid: Kids personally are more creative because they haven´t been boxed in by the world yet..

Challenging words:

antripronose= ?

Individual= yksilöllinen




Nurofen Ban Explained


Whats happening with Nurofen in Australia?

Nurofen, its one of the top painkiller brands. Whats been happening in Australia? Is it there have been putting the same tablets in different packaging for different Elman say for back pain for period pain or for migraines .  And the code decided that was misleading people into thinking they were getting something special or different.

Does the same thing happen in the UK?

To an extent yes, for instants Nurofen migraine pain and Nurofen tension headache well, different colours different words, but the same pills inside. Not in every case, the period pain treatment has a different formulation.

Will be a legal challenge in the UK?

Well,there is nothing at the moment from the likes of which they consumer organisation. The mansons regulator says that informative words are ok to help people if they haven’t a pharmacist to advice them, but misleading medical claims are not permitted.




Trump refuses Fox News debate – BBC News

Donald Trump: “See the point is, that with me, they are dealing with somebody that’s a little bit different. They can’t toy with me like they toy with everybody else, so let them have their debate and lets see how they do with the ratings and I told them, I said:” Give money to the wounded warriors, give money to the veterans.” They are gonna make a fortune with a debate. Now lets see how many people watch. Lets see how much money FOX is gonna make on the debate without me, okay? Alright, lets see.

Ted Cruz: “This race is a dead-heat between Donald and me, we are effectively tied in the State of Iowa. If he’s unwilling to stand on the debate staged with other candidates, then I would like to invite Donald right now, to engage in a one on one debate with me any time between now and Iowa something”

I’m sorry that it’s a little bit short video. I know I could of done better work but I was really short on time. My main focus is matriculation exam and I’ve been working my ass off. But yeah I still got this thing done.

Actor Alan Rickman dies aged 69 – BBC News

Alan Rickman he dies at the age of 69 from cancer which is confirmed from his family as well Alan Rickman a british actor has died. He was the member of the Royal Shakespeare’s company and both modern and a classical feed productions, just looking now his incredible list of films what he is made.

He probably has known from the Harry Potter series. He was also in an Robbin footbridges teams. He was the willing and diehard backing today. Love actually hit a starring role and he actually won an Amie reward for rest piece of top-secret of designate.

Alan Rickman an incredibly well-known and a popular actor whenever back to the golden club reward and Amie reward as a screen skill reward. Here he is, he is signing autographs on London but we can now confirm the very sad news that he has died from the cancer of the age of 69.

Difficulty words = Diehard = olla sitkeähenkinen


William and Kate’s first public appearance with new son.BBC News

Royal baby boy leaves hospital

What seems long way, I’m sure the hospital have way for Kate. Here they come. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

1:08. William: Let’s start. Well, it is good to leather as sure, ahh he is big boy for good heavy. But we are also for his name, so we will know as soon as we can. But first time you see him already, first chance to see him so we have a proper chance to catch up with him.

1:40 William: Very emotional.

Kate: Yeah, is very emotional, like such best time I think any parents probably. It’s good fun. No one is this feeling first like so. William: So, it’s special.

1:57 William: It was, I remain restarting just be ordered, then I know you will be stay here also. Hopefully hospital you guys to get  back soon, we can look of him.

It´s good for her, thankfully.

2:22 Have you told ???? William: Haaahaaha, We in CBT,

we will see.

How much does he weigh?

Done already.

he weighs way more than me.

Finnish translate:

Emotional= tunteellinen


How rich is Russia’s Vladimir Putin — BBC News

President Putin’s official income 100000 dollars of the year.His lives likes super rich. He has collection expensive watches even his designer track suit cost 3000 dollars. He has level of living. That is far in excess of anything anyone in the west would have even the very richest.That kind of level that we see from Saudi princes.So how rich is Vladimir Putin.That maybe one of Russia’s kept secrets. But wouldn’t journalist came with a finger. Stanislav Belkovsky claim Putin had a secrets share holdings.”In the someone’s Russians biggest companies. I met him in Moscow .”have got this information from my confidential sources.”what figure did you come up with, for Vladimir Putin’s wealth? “”Forty billion of dollars in assets, not in cash of course. I am still sure Putin is the richest man in Europe. One of the richest men in the world.”

Difficult vocabulary:

Collection =kokoelma

track suit=verryttelypuku

Far in excess=pitkälti ylenpalttisuutta


How rich is Russia’s Vladimir Putin? BBC News


President Putin’s official income is around one hundred thousands dollars a year and he lives like a super rich.He has a collection of an expensive watches, even if he design a track suit costs three thousand dollars. He has a level of living that is far excess of anything anyone in the west would have, even the very riches, is that kind of level that we see from Saudi princes, So how rich is Vladimir Putin? Well there may be one of the Russian’s best caps secrets but one journalist came with a figure, Stanislav Belkovasky claim Putin had a secrets share holdings in the someone’s Russians biggest companies. I met him in Moscow, “I’ve got this information from my confidential sources.””what figure did you come up with, for Vladimir Putin’s wealth? “Frothy billion of dollars in assets, not in cash of course.””I’m still sure Putin is the richest man in Europe.” “One of the richest men in the world.”

The most challenging words:

official income = viralliset tulot

excess = ylimääräinen, liiallinen

track suit = verryttelypuku


Is Hyperloop the future of intercity travel?

Welcome, to the hyperloop. It’s an idea originally proposed in 2013 by the boss of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk. A network of tubes carrying high speed passenger pods between cities. Realizing perhaps that it was too massive a job for him alone, he made his plans public and invited engineering teams from around the world to conduct their own research and pursue their own hyperloop solutions. Hyperloop technologies is one of the teams that have risen to the challenge and it’s lead by a rocket scientist Brogam BamBrogan. It’s obviously still in the very early stages but if all goes well, the fifty acres of desert on this site are going to see some pretty spectacular testing over the next twelve months.

This is the landscape that we have. We have done quite a bit of geotechnical engineering work already and to really understand the ground and calcite, which is a hard rock formation that occurs a lot out here and we’ll  be starting our civil engineering work just in a matter of weeks and then we’ll be recording the foundations and doing some settles/saddles?

How long will the build take?

Well for the propulsion test, just about six weeks, it’s a pretty… it’s a simplified structural system.

And what are you going to be propelling?

We built the small pods just to carry the elements that are required on the vehicle’s side for the propulsion, so the pod in this case is basically just a small vehicle with a collection of permanent magnets. Because the pod is so  lightweight it’s going to accelerate very quickly so to keep the g-loads at a very acceptable level we either have to go straighter which sometimes certain — or landscapes doesn’t allow, or go slower. So in a lot of cases we won’t be traveling at the maximum speed

It just sounds so radical, so ground breaking it’s hard to imagine it ever happening.

Difficult words :  calcite=kalsiitti

Sebastian Leirimaa

Us Weekly

Us Weekly is a celebrity and entertainment tabloid from the United States. It was founded by The New York Times Company in 1977. The articles in the magazine are mostly about celebrities and their relationships, the latest trends, fashion and beauty. The circulation of the tabloid in 2013 was 2,032,581. The target audience of the tabloid are young people who are interested  in gossip, fashion and beauty. The Editor in Chief of Us Weekly is Michael Steele. Us Weekly’s issues have different sections that are:

  • Just Like Us: photos of celebrities doing things everyday people do. Inspired by a regular Sesame Street feature about animals.
  • Who Wore It Best? : reader polls of which celebrity wore an outfit better
  • Hot Stuff: the latest gossip from inside Hollywood
  • The Red Carpet: the looks and styles from Hollywood’s hottest parties and premieres
  • Hot Pics: celebrity sightings of stars around the globe
  • Fashion Police: famous comedians cite the fashion disasters of the stars, and the best “look of the week”
  • The Record: a roster of changes in the lives of stars — births, marriages, divorces, etc.
  • Loose Talk: quotes from the stars
  • Us Musts: according to Us Weekly, the must-see films, TV shows and DVDs

Us Weekly used to be a tabloid that was published only once a month, but in March 2000 Us changed from a monthly format and went weekly, also changing its name to Us Weekly. Here are some important dates for Us Weekly:

1977: The tabloid was founded in New York City

1991: Us becomes a monthly format

March 2000: Us changes from a monthly format and goes weekly, changing its title to Us Weekly

January 2006: Us Weekly’s rate base increases to 1,75 million

The style of the tabloid is very typical for a gossip magazine. There are big headlines on every page and on the website. The tabloids’ pictures are mostly about celebrities, and the pictures have a lot of skin showing. The articles are not very serious and they are written in a fun way. Stories of celebrities are sometimes written in an offensive way and the writers usually make fun of the celebrity. For example, the writers make fun of celebrities clothes. The magazine has no particular political agenda because it is an entertainment tabloid and it is meant for entertainment. The tabloid doesn’t have any qualities that seem unique to the US because these types of tabloids can be found in nearly any country.

Above is an issue cover of Us Weekly. The headlines include Beyoncé’s wedding, an article about Jamie Lynn and about voting. These headlines are all very gossip-based.


Here is an article about beauty. I like it because it gives women tips on how to look younger without plastic surgery. These tips can be really helpful for some people.

The thing I don’t like about Us Weekly, is that they reveal nearly everything about celebrities, leaving them with no privacy of their personal life. But, maybe celebrities knew that if they become famous, all kinds of things will be written about them. But still I think everybody deserves privacy when it comes to personal things.

I’m not sure if I would recommend this paper because it has an awful lot of gossip in it. I would not use as a source for school because you can never know if the gossip or other things in this tabloid are true. I like the visual appearance of the tabloid and the website as well.





A. The New York Times

The New York Times is American daily newspaper and it was established in 1851 by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones.

The New York Times includes current news about politics, business, health, science, food etc. The target audience is adults who specific interests are focused in politics and world economy. The New York Times style is very formal and simple. There isn’t lot of pictures on it but there’s very much articles and different news.

The New York Times has a good-quality. It includes lot of important news about world economy and there isn’t any “trashy” news. These days news are mainly focused on politics and science.

There is news in the front page that says: Super Bowls Are Getting More Interesting. It’s on the front page because lot of people are interested in sports and especially the American football. Other headlines are concerned to politics and business.

We like the article called “Are Vitamin Drinks a Bad Idea” because we have pounder that too. The article is good for those who drinks lot of vitamin drinks. (

The article that we didn’t like that much was article called “Growth Rate Put at 2.6% as Economy Pulls Ahead” because it was harder to understand. (

We recommend The New York Times for those who are interested in world economy and important news from all over the world. It’s a great source of information for school!

Sources: & Wikipedia

Lotta & Enja-Riina



B. Queen’s guardsman doing ”pirouettes”




We wanted up to the… to the  gates, and like anyone else pressed down,  I noticed to the path.

And there was the guardsmen marching back and forth. And one, these guardsmen seemed to be not doing exactly what he should. He was marching back quite normally, and then suddenly he would do what can only be described as a pirouette.  He spun around on his walk back and forth from his pence box. And  he was a bit bizarre so I just put my phone up against those railings and just kept recording and let him do his thing.

It was quite amusing because the.. he was obviously playing a bit to the crowd.  The People around..uh.. some were laughing and sort of…………………………..

But then my daughter said, he shouldn’t be doing this should he?He is a bit funny a bit weird. And I thought no probably shouldn’t be,  but I guess he is bored and wants to delight little bit.

But I guess to the end of the day those in charge aren’t gonna be predictable pleased.

Finnish summary :

Englannissa Buckinhamin palatsin vartia, normaalin marssimisen sijasta teki piruetin. Osa ihmisistä nauroi ja vartiasta näki, että hän halusi hieman pelleillä yleisön kanssa.

Toiminta oli melko epänormaalia ja kuvaaja uskoo, että vartiasta vastuussa olevat, eivät tule olemaan iloisia tapahtuman johdosta.


Enja-Riina & Lotta

Baby elephant that ‘flew’ – BBC News

Directors of the National Park in Eastern Chad, they had heard rumors of a massacre of elephants. They were about 300 miles away from the massacre zone so I was about 75 miles away, and they asked me if I could fly over there and see if the reports were true be tracked to, elephant tracks into the area, and then found the massacre zone, just piles of bones that were left, there’s the meat that’s been extracted, there were large pools of blood on the ground, that you can still see from so many animals and we were able to confirm that about a 100 animals had had been massacred in that site. For so many elephants to go down, you know you’d see 30 animals in a group that had obviously got down together, had to be modern weapons to take them down that quickly. So machine guns did that kind of thing? Absolutely. [0.53] It just got retching, when you see something of that extent, you know whether its in a war when humans are taken down or animals are taken down, its still just a sinking feeling in your stomach that is terrible. But you did hear that one elephant might have survived? [1:11] And the director of wildlife for Chad contacting me and said there were rumors of a baby elephant that had survived, but the rumors that were coming in of this elephant were from 100 miles apart in different villages. [1:25] And so it was difficult to confirm and it took a couple more days to actually get solid information as to the location of the baby elephant. What happened when you found the elephant? [1:36] It was tied up to a tree where it had been for the last 3 to 4 days, it was getting weak but also very angry because it had been just tied up to the tree again and kids would come by and throw at it some sticks and rocks, so when I initially approached it, it was trying to bite, it was raising its trunk it was trying to charge a little bit, but I just kept slowly sane with it and mixed up some formula that we had with us to feed it and within the course of about 30 minutes, it was at least accepting of me and we were able to load it into a vehicle and then take it back to the “air stream”?. [2:10] And then you had to get it into the plane and I’m guessing the plane’s not very big? [2:13] It was a small 4 seater aircraft. And how big was the elephant? The elephant was, somewhere in the vicinity of about 350 pounds, so it was quite the chore and when I first saw the elephant in fact I was a little concerned because the rumors we had was that it was much smaller, then in fact it was about a 9 month old baby elephant. So, we lured it in close to the aircraft [2:37] with a milk bottle and finally we were able to lift it in with several guys there and just lifted into the plane and it was a tight fit. And did the elephant play any part in flying the plane, it must’ve been difficult to control it? An animal that size you could actually feel its weight shifting in the aircraft and we had some restraining straps so it couldn’t go all the way to the back because otherwise it would you out of our controllable range, but he was quite interested in playing with my control a bit and at some point he would put his trunk forward and feel my hands and touch the controls a bit and feel my face, it was a bit of a distraction but at the same time a very unique experience. Were you able to look after the baby elephant once you got it back to your compound? Once we got back to our base of course the challenge was to unload the elephant, and we essentially took it out to the bush we had in a natural habitat that there is within our compound and the next 10 days it was literally 24 hour care between my wife and myself. But unfortunately I heard that the elephant sadly died in the end? It was 8 days post massacre that we finally reached him, and he had become quite weakened by being away from it’s mother for that long, but also he had quite a severe infection on his neck from the rope that he was tied to the tree with, but also the main factor is he had received some cow’s milk from some good intention people but cow’s milk is actually quite toxic to a baby elephant, along with the dramatic experience that he had been through, to see his whole family massacred, and with everything compounded unfortunately he did not survive. You know we had, pulled out all the stops, we had done everything possible, taken care of a baby starving elephant is very similar to taken care of starving human babies, that protocols the procedures very similar. Did you give him a name? We named him Max, while we were riding in the pick up, back to the aircraft, because he was taking everything we were muster to keep him in the back of this pick up over the bouncy roads and of course maxing out the weight of our airplane for take off and everything so he effectually got called Max.


Finnish short translation:

Norsuja oltiin ammuttu ja surmattu Chadissa, Afrikassa. Satojen norsujen lihat oli irrotettu luistaan ja ne olivat surmattu tuliaseilla. Huhut olivat levinneet pienen vauvanorsun selviytymisestä, jota lähdettiin pelastamaan. Pelastusjoukut saapuivat erittäin pienellä lentokoneella hakemaan vauvanorsua, joka oli köydellä kiinni puussa. Sen niska oli pahasti vaurioittunut ja norsulla oli vakava infektio. He kuitenkin saivat norsun mahtumaan lentokoneen perästä, ja pitivät sitä siellä lennon ajan. Heidän piti kuitenkin pitää norsua paikallaan, koska sen painosta johtuen lentokonetta oli vaikea lentää. Pelastajat antoivat lentokoneessa norsulle nimen Max, johtuen siitä että hän nimenomaan vei maximaalisen tilan koneen sisällä, jolloin kone heilui lentäessä ja tilaa koneen sisällä ei juurikaan riittänyt kuin muutamalle henkilölle. Kun norsu oli saatu tukikohtaan hoidettavaksi, 10 päivän ajan amerikkalainen ja hänen vaimonsa hoitivat sitä, kunnes norsu kuoli saamiinsa vammoihin ja traumaattisten kokemusten seuraamuksena.


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