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Theme 5 Social Media

Dylan O’Brien’s Fake Facebook




This is fake Facebook page of Dylan O’Brien, just for fun!

Afifa & Melda


Albert Einstein´s Facebook

Näyttökuva 2016-01-27 kello 20.24.40Näyttökuva 2016-01-27 kello 20.24.52Näyttökuva 2016-01-27 kello 20.25.00Fake Facebook profile. Just for fun!!!

50 cent 1

Princess Charlotte’s Fake Facebook



This is fake Facebook page, just for fun!

A Letter to the editor


Thanks for your article “Facebook’s instant articles roll out to all Android users today.” I really agreed that you said, “The fast-loading articles let publishers host their stories directly with Facebook, which cuts down on waiting time for readers and results in bigger sharing numbers.” It is great that people can upload their stories directly on Facebook and readers don’t have to wait much time.

I use Facebook almost every day and I read many articles like other people there but I don’t put articles there. I think that ads in Facebook are irritating because when you open some link the ad may appear just in the middle in your screen and sometimes it is difficult to take out.

In my opinion when you like some page in Facebook what is popular and shares many articles then it gives you much better reading experience and also many different articles.

Regards, Henri

Sources: Welsh, Chris. “Facebook’s instant articles roll out to all Android users today”




A Letter to the Editor


I read your article “Share Take Care” and I thought it was a good reminder of how we should protect ourselves while using social media. Even though most of the tips were really basic, many people still don’t remember them or just don’t understand the importance of these tips.

I especially think that your second tip was a good one. I have been doing this for a few years now and have found it quite useful to have a more “official” main email account and a separate one for not so important stuff. However, I found your tip number 10 to be quite irrelevant in an article about social media. Of course, its always beneficial to have a working anti-virus software, but while using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you actually don’t need one.

Nevertheless, I think that most people, especially teenagers,  share too much information of themselves on the internet and these people should learn from your advice. Also, this article is great for some older people who often are not sure how to behave on the social media or of the dangers that it presents.

Sebastian Leirimaa


Gaga Fake Facebook Profile



This is a fake Gaga Facebook profile for laughs.

Sources: Hello, Wikimedia (links)

Letter to the Editor


thank you for your article. Facebook for me is great to keep in touch with old friend or lost relatives, maybe some you’ve never even met. It’s great to stay in touch and share stuff that is happening in your life with your friends. Posting pictures and posts on your wall, browsing through your friends’ Facebook profiles to see what has been going on in their lives. Also having the possibility to have a chat is great to keep in touch via the social media. Personally I don’t use Facebook that much, or other social media. Its just really nice to visit it from time to time to have a check on peoples lives, congratulate them of their birthdays and so on. Browsing old friends’ pictures and profiles is great to see what they’ve been up to, if you haven’t been in contact with them for a long time!



Letter To The Editor


Your article “Does Facebook make us social?” was very interesting. I really agree your opinion on that it makes us antisocial. All though it’s called “social media” it doesn’t make us social. A very good example is school hallways. Everyone are sitting with their friends but barely nobody talks. Everybody stare at their phone playing different games or browsing Facebook or other social media.

Normal communication between people is decreasing. People only chat via Facebook an WhatsApp. There is not so much face to face discussion like there used to be. Communication skills are getting worse and worse all the time.

-Atte Haapanen,18 social media addict

A letter to the editor

Sir or Madam

I found your “Facebook is bad for you. Get a life!” article for the Economist fascinating.

You talked about this research how Facebook makes people feel more miserable and I agree with you. I don’t think this is only happening with Facebook, this happens on every social media site there is because people can be so rude on the internet. These social media sites are usually worldwide so words that are a joke to someone, can be very offensive to someone else. These sites like Facebook are always full of spam, scams, and trash. You might get false hope and desperation from them.

“The more a volunteer used Facebook in the period between two questionnaires, the worse he reported feeling the next time he filled in a questionnaire.” You said in your article about the research and I wasn’t surprised at all. This is what social media is, making people feel bad.

I am a person who easily agrees with all these “Facebook is bad” articles because I personally hate Facebook and all social media services. I don’t even own a Facebook account!

Regards, Santeri

Christina Aguilera Facebook



A letter to the editor


I really agreed with your article about how on Facebook someone is always watching you. People post some unbelievable content considering they really have no idea who is capable to see their new pictures or posts.

You listed three things to stay safe on the internet. Most of these seem very obvious such as checking your privacy settings, but for some people that is too much to comprehend so they publicly post picture of themselves in a tiny bikini or a swimming suit or drinking or doing drugs. In my opinion some common sense would be appreciated.

Best regards, tommi.

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