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Theme 5 Great Sources (JÄR)

The New York Times

The New York Times is a newspaper published online and in New York, USA. It’s published daily and its circulation is the second largest in the United States and it has been ranked the 39th largest circulation in the world. The target group was originally just New Yorkers but now The New York Times has an international edition, too, and the online newspaper’s language can be switched to English, Spanish or Chinese which tells us that the target group is everyone who speaks at least one of these world’s most used languages.

The New York Times was originally published as New-York Daily Times and it was founded on September 18, 1851 by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones. It was published Monday through Saturday but Sunday was added on April 21, 1861. In 1857, the newspaper’s name was changed to The New-York Times and the hyphen between New York was removed in the 1890s. Before the 1880s, The New York Times supported the Republican Party but in the 1880s it became more politically independent. In 1884, it supported Grover Cleveland, a Democrat who was running for president. This dropped The New York Times’ revenue from $188,000 to $56,000 but it gained its lost readers back within a few years. After Raymond died in 1869 and Jones in 1891, Charles Ransom Miller bought the newspaper for one million dollars but after the economic depression in 1893, the newspaper started losing $1,000 a day. Slowly, it got back on its feet and became one of the most trusted newspapers. Now the editor of The New York Times has claimed that the newspaper stands by the liberal side but some see it as conservative.

The website of The New York Times looks clear and it’s simple to navigate. The font of the titles has somewhat the same look as in the old printed versions and the news has been placed so that it resembles an actual first page in a printed newspaper instead of just news randomly listed one after another.

There are a lot of news about politics – especially about Trump and Obama – and Middle East, like refugees from Syria. On its front page, the newspaper clearly wants to inform the readers about major events in the society and the world instead of news that don’t concern everyone.

I like the article “Ice That Sparkles Like Diamonds Washes Onto Japanese Shores” simply because the pictures about this beautiful natural phenomenon look astonishing. It’s nice to have a piece of news that isn’t about violence or politics.

In my opinion, the article “Why Do Cooks Love the Instant Pot? I Bought One to Find Out” is way too long for an item review and that’s why I dislike it. I feel like I was wasting my time reading this over-analyzing article.

I think The New York Times offers a lot of insight in what’s going on in the world and I definitely recommend reading it because it can make you more sophisticated. And if you want to read less significant articles, for example about celebrities, this newspaper covers that, too. The articles can be used for school work, they seem to have reliable sources.




Fox sports is a sports newspaper about all different sports. Their intended audiences are everyone who is interested about sports. August 17, 2013 was the original launching date of fox sports 1. The style is simple. They use intriguing titles and interesting pictures to get your attention. In this newspaper there is not political agenda at all.

To days headline is about NFL team The San Francisco 49ers. In the post reporter has told that 49ers have gotten a new coach (it is 4th new coach in 4 years). Like always there is a quote from the new coach saying that this year they will make difference and beat the New England Patriots (which are their rival team) among many others.

Other posts which are presented in the front page are about (American) football because Super bowl (NFL finals) is coming this weekend.

One post that i didn’t like at all was about WWE which is a pro wrestling show. There were told that the WWE legend Brock Lesnar will challenge The Goldberg in next Royal rumble  (name of the show). I did not like it because i do not like that at all because it is all fake fighting and i do not see why someone is interested in something like that when everyone knows that the winners are decided upfront.

The post that i liked was about NBA and there were told who are the 10 best point guards in NBA right now and why.

I would recommend to read Fox sports if you are interested in sports, but I could never use it in either school works nor for a source of information.





Daily News

The Daily News is an American newspaper based in New York City. It is a tabloid and the fourth-most widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States. Intended target audience is adults who live in New York. Daily News was founded in 1919, and was the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format by Mortimer Zuckerman.

  The style of Daily News is very plain and simple. The background is gray and white. Only colors there are the pictures of the news.

  Daily News have a little political agenda, because I think it is not telling in general about Trump situation but is against him. From one of the news: ‘Barack Obama needs to come back from his vacation. Michelle, too. We need a voice for the majority of Americans who did not vote for Donald Trump. Democrats and progressives are frantic about Trump’s steady stream of executive orders violating the human and civil rights of people firmly established by law and the U.S. Constitution.’

  I do not think the paper have any qualities that seem unique to the US. The day’s headlines include death cases and Trump news and news about New York. These are topical news about what is happening right now in US and New York.

  It was hard to find even one article that I like. But then I finally found something more interesting than other news. I like this article because I like traveling and exploring new places. ‘VIVA Viajes: La Ruta Taina explores P.R.’s indigenous roots.’ It tells about La Ruta Taína which is a new attraction that gives visitors a chance to learn about Puerto Rico’s indigenous history through a guided trek across the lands of the inhabitants of the pre-Columbian Caribbean and surrounding areas.

  News that I do not like are those death cases because it is not funny to read them, although they are kind of interesting in some way. ‘New Jersey woman charged with attempted murder after throwing stranger’s 5-year-old child on train tracks.’

  I do not recommend reading this paper, because the most of it is uninteresting and useless. There is so much boring news that are not interesting at all. Although Daily News have also some interesting viewpoints, I do not really like these news there. I could not use it as a source of information for school.




Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’re having a fantastic day! Hope you had a good Christmas! It’s been a rough year for a lot of people and in the spirit of the holiday, I wanna focus the whole episode on the stuff that’s gonna make us feel good, at least about other people, make us realize there are still good people out there. And also maybe feel something in our cold hearts, and I’m talking about myself here.


Lets talk about this 65-year-old man right here, Nazer al-Islam Abdul Karim, I probably mispronounced part of that, sorry. For some reason somebody decided to take a picture of this man while he was looking at these gold necklaces and posted on Instagram with a caption “This man only deserves to look at rubbish”.

This random negativity thrown into the world for no reason, but then a twitter account that promotes humaniarism found this picture, started searching for this man, reaching out to people, asking how to find this man, who this man is.

The post was retweeted 6500 times and luckily had gotten in front of so many eyes that eventually someone found out the location and they figured out who this guy was and ever since he has been showered with gifts. Reportedly people have been sending him everything from rice, honey, gold jewelry and an iPhone.

CNN even found this guy and interviewed him, found out he was a cleaner there. He didn’t even know the picture was taken of him but said now he is happy, very thankful, thank you for all the gifts.

And I love this because it took someone’s throw away negativity to get people to actually put in some effort and some good into the world. It takes so much less energy to hate on something, to destroy something than to clean something or build it up. And that’s why made the good stuff, to mean so much more to me than the negativity we see everywhere.


Then we have the amazing story of a one-year-old Marwa. Marwa had been struggling with her health ever since she had a virus that attacked her nerve system. Doctors put her into a medically induced coma and she didn’t wake up for months. At which point the doctors told the parents that she should be taken off life support. Instead the parents started a campaign “Never without Marwa” and they gathered over 100,000 signatures on that. This suppressed [?] the court officials to grant Marwa an extension of life. They did so and just weeks later she woke up.


Then I have to give props to a manager of BESTBUY and several employees that gave a WiiU to a kid that would just come in everyday to play the WiiU in the store.

I’ve been there, except my best buy was a blockbuster and my WiiU was a Nintendo64 where I would play Starfox64. In the end Starfox64 would reset every 15minutes so I only ever get to play the first two levels over and over. But people didn’t have cellphones so they couldn’t get credit for being good human beings. Nobody gave a damn about Philly! This isn’t about me though, they did film it though. You know the thing that actually tears me about this video though, is just how confused he is, he’s like “I don’t believe you, why would a stranger do something nice to me”. It’s so alien! Like think of the last time a stranger did something nice for you, I mean think of the last time you did something meaningful to a stranger. [?] Or a stranger to a stranger, there’s a difference. Wait, I know I’m being a little ADD what if they just didn’t want him in the store anymore? They’re like this is worth of a few hundred dollars.

Then we have the story of 35-year-old Eric Gaines. While he was home with his 3 children, he was putting lights outside of his house, when the base of the ladder he was using, kicked out underneath him and he plummeted to the earth. Kinda, on the way down his leg got stuck between two of the rungs and it broke. He also had a torn rotator cuff and a chipped bone on his shoulder. Luckily his 11 and 7-year-old daughter were able to call 911, and even more lucky they didn’t wake the sleeping one-year-old inside. Good on them, you don’t wake a sleeping baby. Now everything in this story has been pretty sad, but the nice things, is that the firefighters who came to help him because he fell from his ladder, they also later put the lights up on his house. One of the firefighters said they did it because the little girls obviously wanted the lights so much. “We thought it’d be cool if they pulled in home from the hospital and they had their lights up”. Also don’t worry if your mind goes exactly where my mind went. The firefighters said that they would come back in January and take the lights off of the house for them too. And I love this one just because sometimes we don’t need someone to fix a situation, we just need someone to soften the [?] to make a sucky situation to suck a little bit less. Just with a little of time and effort.


Hei kauniit katsojat, toivottavasti teidän päivä on hyvä! Toivottavasti joulu meni kivasti! Vuosi on ollut rankka monille ja juhla hengessä, haluan omistaa tämän jakson kaikelle hyvälle, kaikille niille hyville ihmisille mitä maailmassa on. Ehkä myös tuntea jotain kylmissä sydämissämme, tarkoitan itseäni.


Puhutaan tästä 65 vuotiaasta miehestä, Nazer al-Islam Abdul Karim, varmaan lausuin nimen väärin, anteeksi. Joku oli päättänyt ottaa kuvan tästä miehestä hänen katsellessa kultakoruja ja ladata sen Instagramiin lainauksella “Tämä mies ansaitsee katsoa vain roskia”.

Tämä satunnainen negatiivisuus heitettiin maailman syyttä suotta, mutta sitten Twitter tili joka edustaa humanitarismia löysi kuvan ja aloitti miehen etsinnän, kysyen ihmisiltä kuka mies on ja mistä hänet löytää.

Päivitys uudelleen twiitattiin 6500 kertaa ja onneksi oli löytänyt tiensä niin monien eteen että lopulta joku tunnisti ja paikansi miehen, josta lähtien hän on ollut lahja virtauksen kohteena.

Väitetysti ihmiset ovat lähettäneet kaikkea kuten riisiä, hunajaa, kultakoruja ja iPhonen.

CNN löysi tämän miehen ja haastatteli häntä, tuli ilmi että hän toimi siivoojana samassa liikkeessä. Hän ei edes tiennyt kuvasta, mutta sanoi että nyt hän on iloinen ja erittäin kiitollinen.

Rakastan tätä koska jonkun satunnainen negatiivisuus sai ihmiset oikeasti tekemään jotain hyvän vuoksi. Vie paljon vähemmän energiaa vihata tai tuhota jotain, kun taas siivota tai korjata jotain. Sen takia hyvyys tuntuu paljon enemmältä minulle kuin kaikkialla oleva negatiivisuus.


Sitten meillä on mahtava tarina yksivuotiaasta Marwasta. Marwa oli kamppailut terveytensä kanssa kun hänen keskushermostoon iski virus. Lääkärit pistivät hänet keinotekoiseen koomaan ja ei herännyt kuukausiin. Lääkärit kertoivat vanhemmille että Marwa pitäisi irrottaa elintoimintojen ylläpitävästä koneistosta. Sen sijaan vanhemmat aloittivat kampanjan “Never without Marwa” ja he keräsivät yli 100 000 allekirjoitusta. Tämän ansioista he saivat oikeussalissa lisäaikaa Marwalle. Tämän jälkeen meni viikkoja, ja hän lopulta heräsi.


Sitten minun on annettava kunnioitusta yhden BESTBUY:n managerille ja työntekijöille jotka antoivat WiiU:n lapselle joka kävi päivittäin pelaamassa sitä kaupassa. Olen kokenut saman, vaikka minun BESTBUY oli Blockbuster ja WiiU oli Nintendo64 jolla pelasin Starfox64:ta.

Lopulta Starfox64 alottaisi alusta joka 15 minuutti, joten pystyin vain pelaamaan uudestaan ensimmäiset tasot. Silloin ihmisillä ei ollut kännyköitä, eikä saaneet kunniaa olemalla hyviä ihmisiä. Ketään ei kiinnostanut Philly! Tässä ei ole kyse minusta tosin, he kyllä kuvasivat sen.

Tiedätkö se mikä vei kiinnostukseni on kuinka hämillään hän on, “En usko sinua, miksi joku tuntematon olisi minulle ystävällinen?”. Se on niin outoa! Mieti vaikka viimeistä kertaa kun joku tuntematon oli sinulle ystävällinen, mietippä milloin viimeksi teit jotain ystävällistä tuntemattomalle. Tai tuntematon toiselle tuntemattomalle, siinä on ero. Odotas, saatan olla hieman yli vireillä mutta entä jos he eivät vaan enää halunneet häntä pelaamaan sinne? He ajattelevat että tämä on muutaman sadan dollarin arvoista.


Sitten meillä on 35 vuotiaan Eric Gainesin tarina. Ollessaan kotona kolmen lapsensa kanssa hän oli laittamassa jouluvaloja kuntoon, kun tikapuut hänen altaan petti ja hän romahti maahan. Jotenkuten, matkalla alas hänen jalka jäi tukien väliin jumiin ja meni rikki. Hänen kiertäjäkalvosin venähti ja olkapää kolhiintui. Onneksi hänen 11 ja 7 vuotiaat tyttönsä soittivat hätänumeroon ja vielä onnekkaampia he olivat kun eivät herättäneet nukkuvaa yksivuotiasta. Hyvä niin, et halua herättää nukkuvaa vauvaa. Tähän mennessä tarinassa on ollut surullista, mutta ihanaa on että palomiehet jotka tulivat auttamaan häntä tikapuilta pudotessa, laittoivat valot kuntoon jälkeenpäin. Yksi palomiehistä sanoi että he tekivät sen nähdessään kuinka paljon pikkutytöt halusivat valoja. “Uskoimme että olisi siistiä kun he palaavat sairaalasta ja huomaavat loistavat valot”. Ja jos ajattelit samaa kuin minä, ei huolta. Palomiehet lupasivat tulla takaisin Tammikuussa ottamaan valot alas. Rakastan tätä niin paljon, koska aina emme tarvitse ketään korjaamaan tilanteen, vaan jonkun tekemään huonosta tilanteesta vähemmän huonon. Hieman aikaa ja vaivannäköä riittää.

The Express

The paper is called Express and it is a British newspaper. Last year it was read 408,700 times daily making it Britain`s eight largest newspaper. The newspaper covers all kinds of news ranging from politics to sport so i would say anyone could read it (maybe not kids though). Express was founded in 1900 and it is obsessed in news regarding late Princess Diane (in the 2006 she made the headline 46 times). The language is very formal and very newspaper like (lacking any comedy or irony and focusing on facts only) and of course written very well. As stated the newspaper has obsession with Princess Diana so very much a British magazine. Most not if all headlines are concerning the new president of United states in some form.

Pigs given ROBOTIC hearts in medical breakthrough that could save MILLIONS of lives.

Was a really interesting headline because of its importance to medicine and because pigs are cute.

Man infuriates internet with THIS picture taken in the woods

I didn`t like this cause the article was a bad joke and it had no place on a website like this.


I would recommend reading this newspaper if you like new about Princess Diana, but for other news there are better choices.





ROBOTIC-hearts-medical-breakthrough-heart-failure By SEAN MARTIN
PUBLISHED: 10:37, Fri, Jan 27, 2017
viral-photo-man-woods By HELEN COFFEY
PUBLISHED: 08:03, Fri, Jan 27, 2017





The MailOnline is a British online tabloid launched in 2003. It has since become one of the most visited newspaper website in the world with almost 14 million visitors daily. Its intended target audience is women of all ages as the it mostly focuses on celebrity news. The style of MailOnline is typical for tabloids: big headlines and lots of pictures. It is known for its provocative headlines and topics and Piers Morgan’s occasional political rants. Despite of this, I wouldn’t say there is an actual political agenda behind the tabloid itself.

Today’s headlines include these gems (and they give a pretty good idea what the tabloid is like):

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.55.32.png


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.56.09.png

After a while of searching, I finally found an article that I really liked: “I woof you! Heartwarming moment an adorable rescue dog gently picks up her 11 puppies and places them one by one into her foster mom’s lap“(MailOnline, January 26, 2017). I like the article because it’s light and has puppies in it, which is always a major plus.

What I don’t like about the MailOnline is how they keep recycling their articles. Every few months the same popular stories are published in order to gain clicks. I also dislike their lack of interest for proper sources. The MailOnline relies on shock value more than it does on truth, which often leads to their stories being complete rubbish.

I would recommend the MailOnline if you’re interested in celebrity news and don’t really care whether the news you read are real or “real-ish” with extremely questionable sources. Definitely don’t use it as a source of information for school.


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