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Winter Coats On Or Off at EYL?

Challenges that we had:

  • Coming up with a topic
  • Making a script took too long

Things we succeeded in:

  • The script was okay
  • Decent amount of content

EYL Students Think Finnish Prom Is Unique


We have dance prom every year on February.We can choose our partner by ourselves.In the dance prom. We have our own dance, we can make some dance by ourselves,and we can choose our favorite music for our own dance.We join the dance prom this year. The dance prom is popular.Our parents and our school students can watch our dance on February at school.In the dance prom, girls can wear beautiful dresses. Boys can wear suit. It looks so nice.

So we make the video for the dance prom.It is not far from us. It is at school. It is something about our school life.

We still had the challenges to find the people and to do not speak so much and so long. The cutting of the interview was also a challenge for us, but all in all everything worked well. Our script was a good success to find good questions to ask.


BREAKING NEWS: Traffic jam causes serious problem in Kauklahti

English project/news program:

Lauri & Alexi

Where are the trains?

In the winter of 2014-2015, the trains have been late in Kauklahti, forcing EYL upper secondary school students to miss classes. The students of EYL use the train to get to school and back home.

In the winter the trains are usually late in the mornings because of the bad or very cold weather in Finland. Every winter the students face the same problem; the trains are late because of the frost or snow. But during day the situation moderates and the trains catch up little by little.

When the trains are late, it causes problems. The lessons can’t start at normal time because teachers also use train. Also when students come late to the lesson it bothers the teaching.  In the mornings it is freezing outside and according to students it is awful to stand in the station in the freezing cold longer than normal because the trains arrive late.

According to an EYL student interview, the situation is frustrating. “It is awful to stand outside in the cold. Every winter comes snow but they still don’t know how to prepare for it. It’s frustrating because every year it’s the same thing,” says Jenni.

Kauklahti train station.
Kauklahti train station.

Morning TV- News




This is our news. Enjoy! 😀


Lotta & Enja-Riina


Second-year prom in 2015 in EYL ruined

Can be that second-year prom in 2015 will be a disaster. Teachers have told that students go training very badly and that some students have dropped out of the course. Students are bad to dance because they do not focus or visit training. Will the dances really going to be ruined? I think that the teachers are really disappointed.

However, it is positive that the girls have once amazing dresses. Can be found in princess dresses and simple evening dresses. Boys is of course again great suits. But is not known how many dancers finally arrives in school when the dances are. Will the worst of the homecoming ever?

I interviewed one of our school girl who is dancing. I asked her three question in homecoming dance.

1. What are you waiting for dances the most? 

– I expect it that gets to dress up and to put themselves pretty. I expect that I get seems look nice their dancing.

2. Do you think that the dances are going well? Is it going a lot of mistakes?

– I believe that most of goes well if they have been practicing and they know how to dance.

3.  What you think of it that students will not go training? 

-It is stupid. Because then will not learn the dances and if you screw up you can their dancing you can ruin someone else dances.

To the dance is still time, but not much. I hope the students begin to practice because otherwise the dances are ruined and it would become a disaster! Second-year prom in 2015 in EYL,horrible dance ever? We do not want that this happens.



Frozen EYL

In Kauklahti, Espoo, Finland the weather has been changing radically in December 2014, forcing students at the local school EYL to freeze during lessons. Also the trains and busses  are often late beaches of the freeze and therefore students are late from school. The climate changes affect a lot in other things too than the life outside. Because of the cold freeze the school building has difficult times, trying to keep the big building warm and the electricity bills moderate.

Many students use jackets and outdoor clothes inside, what doesn’t make the teachers so happy. The school rules say that outdoor clothes should not be worn inside and teachers naturally obey the rules. Many of the students think that in winter and when the whole building is freezing cold it would be okay to use jackets in the class, than freeze inside the school as much as outside.

Ellen, 17

What do you think about the electricity saving system in our school by not having the heat on all the time? – I think it’s weird that the heat is not on all the time, because when you have to use jackets inside to feel warm the air outside feels even more cold and the jacket is not so warm anymore.

Do you think that students must be allowed to use jackets and outdoor clothes inside? – Yes, because if the heat is not on, it isn’t right to complain about jackets.

Ninni, 17

What do you think about the electricity saving system in our school by not having the heat on all the time? – It’s not good that the heat is not on all the time especially in the winter because it’s very cold and everybody is complaining about the freeze. In summer of course no heat needed.

Do you think that students must be allowed to use jackets and outdoor clothes inside? – Yes, because some of the classes are super cold and some teachers have also mentioned about the coldness. But no jackets in the cafeteria!

Students delighted after Chirstmas break

EYL upper secondary school students in Espoo, Finland came back with contradictory feelings from their Christmas holidays on January 7th. Generally the students did not mind coming back from the holiday mostly because they got to meet their friends from school, but most of them agreed that getting up early for school is not that great.

Tino Wickman,18

How was your holiday and what did you do? -It was really great allthough I didn`t do much, just relaxed

How do you feel about coming back to school?- “It sucks, I hate getting up so early.” Tino retorts.

Did you have to change your sleeping pattern much and why did it change during the holiday? ” Yeah actually i did,  I played FIFA almost every night and as a result i stayed up late.” he says.


Alex Lähdekorpi

How was your holiday and what did you do? – it was nice and relaxing, and I did pretty much nothing

How do you feel about coming back to school?- I really dislike waking up so early, and school is boring but it is cool to see friends from school.

Did you have to change your sleeping pattern much and why did it change during the holiday?- YES, I was on computer all night long.


Sakaria Sulub

How was your holiday and what did you do? – It was awesome. I was just chilling with my mates.

How do you feel about coming back to school?- I think its nice to come back and see all the friends who I didn’t see on holiday.

Did you have to change your sleeping pattern much and why did it change during the holiday?- Yes, I watched all kinds of TV-series almost every night at least till` 4 am.


New Students like EYL

In the fall of 2014 about a 100 new students  started at Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School in Finland. There were exactly a 100 available places and all of them were filled.

An anonymous new student of Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School says that his grades were enough to get him into the school. The grade point average for 2014 was 7.6 which is quite low, but has steadily been increasing over the past years. He also says that it is easy to get to the school. The busses and trains are very convenient. The student thinks that this school is good because the people there have a good team spirit and they’re friendly. “The teachers are also nice and very helpful,” says the student. It seems that the new students of   Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School like the school and perhaps the next year many students  will  select  this school as their first choice.

International non-religious Christmas party in EYL

Espoon Yhteislyseo upper secondary school and upper level comprehensive school in Espoo,Kauklahti.

The annual Christmas party of Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School on the 20th of December was non-religious to suit the school’s multi-cultural student body . The party included a lot of great music and dancing acts. All of the performances were modern and there were performances in English. The presenters of the party were speaking both Finnish and Swedish. The majority of the audience thought that both of the teachers’ performances were the best thing of the party.

There were many diverse performances at the Christmas party, for example dancing and singing. At the beginning of the party there was a singing act by a student from the upper level comprehensive school. The party had three different dancing acts; the first one was a mixture of dancing and cheerleading, the second one was modern dance. Both of the first acts were by girls from the 7th grade. The third act was by the teachers and they were dancing hip-hop. The new EYL commercial video also premiered at the Christmas party. It received a positive reaction from the audience.

The students interviewed had positive comments about the Christmas party,

“The performances were great and the party was full of positive vibes!”

“I thought it was nice that the party had an international touch to it.”

Here is a compilation video of the party and it’s performances:

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