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Theme 3 Ad analyses

The Arctic Coke

The Coca-Cola commercial “Catch” was released in 2012 on YouTube by Coca-Cola. In the commercial polar bear called “NE_Bear” become thirsty in the arctic North Pole. It came out of his cave and saw other polar bears coca-cola bottles in their hands. One of the others threw it a cola bottle, but he did not get it at first and other polar bears try to get the Coca-Cola bottle back but they didn’t catch it. Finally the polar bear catch the bottle in its own paws, it stand up and open coca-cola bottle and begin to drink.

The commercial was described in the icy North Pole and in the commercial is to give the impression that Coca-Cola tastes best when it is cold. In the advertisement appear 10 polar bears who slipper on the glacier and try to stay up and at the same time try to get the coca-cola bottle to themselves. The bears look like funny and sweet.

In my opinion this commercial is directed to school children and under 30 year adults because in the commercial is a lot of humor and bears are really cute and they make an impression to children. When I look at the commercial, it makes me feel thirsty.

words: 204





Omega watches are the pinnacle of luxury watches. Their record breaking precision, reliabiliy, versatility and good looks are but a few of the reasons why Omega watches have partnered with the likes of NASA, and the world’s favourite secret agent – James Bond. Swiss made since 1848, Omega produced the first watch ever to be worn on the moon. Omega watches were designed for the pioneers of our generation and is so sought after, it is the watch brand of choice for the latest James Bond film. Omega’s record breaking precision means that there was no one better to be the official timekeeper of some of the largest worldwide sporting events and have recorded lap and track times in some of the most memorable moments in modern history.

Here we can see an advertisement of very famous watch maker “Omega”. Also in the picture, there´s famous actor named Daniel Craig. He´s acting as a James Bond. That´s grate advertising gimmick, because it draws attention to the watch choice of James Bond. Note phrase:” JAMES BOND`S CHOICE.”And as every boy or a man wants to be or at least admires every choice of James Bond, so there´s predictable a good sale success. Visual side of this advertisement picture is super classic and elegant.  It is stylishly simple.  Black and white is always a safe choice. Advertisement signals that by buying  this stylish wristwatch you will feel and look just good as James Bond does.

246 Words

Axe’s Commercial “Even Angels Will Fall” Is Religious

Axe’s commercial “Even angles will fall” released in 2011 is a blatantly religious and derogatory commercial.  It has never been banned or recalled even though in my opinion it very easily could have been. The problem that I see in the commercial is the angels. In the commercial  a dozen angels fall from the sky to earth and walk towards this one guy.

The idea of an angel is religious if you ask me and not every religion has its angels so it does kind of set us a part from each other. It’s silly to think that every people believes in angels. It’s a myth. Nobody has never even seen one and it’s a religious figure. The other thing is that a very religious person can be offended by the idea that even angels will fall for a deodorant even though it’s just a commercial.

Also in the commercial the angels were very hot. Young attractive women but since when angel is this sex symbol? Angels have always been good ones, the one and only no sinners. They only do good deeds and etc. In my opinion the angels are the symbol of kindness no sexiness! Angels have a very important role in many religions such as Islam and Christianity and there is no mention that they are this hot women so I think many can be offended by the idea. That is why the commercial is wrong in many ways.

In conclusion the commercial is religious and defamatory and I have explained why I think the way I think.

260 words.


The Monk’s Pepsi

The Pepsi commercial was released in 2004 by Pepsi masr. It used the Buddhism history. In the commercial a young boy went to study Kungfu. In there where boy study Kungfu, has a sigh. To get the mark of a monk on his forehead, he must crush the can of Pepsi with his head.

In the commercial, it used Buddhism history. But it is not true. Buddhism’s sigh is The Dharma chakra. It is not sigh on the can of Pepsi. Buddhism originated in Indian. The founder of Buddhism is Sakyamuni. Buddhism is one of the three major religions on  the world. Buddhism is popular in Asian. But it is a little different in south Asian and in center Asian. It is popular in China, Japan, Thailand and Indian. It is also popular in American. It is same with Tibet Buddhism. But it is different than Asian Buddhism.

The ad video is fun but the Buddhism history in video is incorrect. I think they can get some right history in ad video.



An Inspiring Boxing Commercial


“Everlast : Boxing Makes You Bigger” is a commercial aired in May, 2011. The commercial starts by showing a boy training boxing with a younger boy, probably his little brother. The boys are living in poor conditions and the older boy makes a living for both of them by boxing. At the end of the commercial, an unarmed boy who is roughly the same size as the boxer “robs” him. The boxer gives his money peacefully to the robber.  After this the younger boy asks “why didn’t you beat him up” and the older boy answers “he is hungry”. This commercial is brilliant and inspiring but at the same time it’s quite sad.

The ad was made by  the agency J. Walter Thompson Johannesburg. It has been very well received by audiences,  based on Youtube comments, Reddit threads and a few ad analyses. The reason why this commercial was well received is most likely because it has a message and shows boxing as something more than pure violence. Many boxing commercials only show two men boxing and other one winning, there isn’t much creativity there. The Everlast commercial on the other hand, displays how boxing can actually build up character and change your outlook on life through discipline. This is also why the name of the commercial ” Boxing Makes You Bigger” is so clever. Everyone probably assumes it means muscles and physical size but then a small, skinny boy is shown in the commercial. In this case, “Boxing Makes You Bigger” clearly refers to the boys character and how boxing made him a better or “bigger” person. (266 words)

Sebastian Leirimaa

The Force

The Force commercial was released in February, 2011 on YouTube by Volkswagen. The commercial was talking about Volkswagen released a new  technology of Passat. The technology was pressing car remote control to got car start ignition.

In the commercial a young boy was dressed like Darth Vader, he wanted to be a Darth Vader. He tried to use his force to control exercise bike, his dog, washing machine, doll and his sandwich. But it did not work and he got disappointed. Until his father came to home with the Volkswagen Passat. The young boy burned the fire of hope. The young boy ran directly to car, did not receive hug from his father. He wanted his dream came to truth. He tried again, eventually his force got worked, he succeed. Truly was, his father pressed car remote control.

In my perspective Volkswagen wanted to tell people everything will come be truth, even if the superpower form Darth Vader. As of right now, more and more advanced technology is being used in cars, especially with remote ignition. There are more and more improved innovations for these types of car technologies and Volkswagen is using this to promote their car technology as well.

Target group is businessman because they have some money to buy the car. As the family in commercial, they have a two-floor detached house. And the father dressed suit like a boss. Also people who want to try new technology.

Words: 241


Women Need to Be Equal

The ad ,,Women need to …´´ from the UN Women from 2013 shows us the mind of the men about women what they need to do and need to be. We can see in the picture that the women is wearing a black headscarf and her mouth is held with the Google search bar where is searched for ,,Women need to…´´ .

Women need to

Because of her headscarf we can suppose that she is from an Arabic country like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. In those countries it is normal that every woman is wearing a headscarf.

By writing “women need to” into the Google search bar, the ad shows four different endings. All of the endings are negative and against women´s rights. The endings for “women need to” are:

– be put in their place

– know their place

– be controlled

– be disciplined.

At the moment the same Google search doesn’t seem to give the same results. We believe that it might depend on the country where we are.

Because of the researches and the articles on the page of the un women, we can say that in this countries the equality and the rights of the women are so weak. So that this means that they don’t have any rights for example to do something what they want. They are controlled by the men.

In conclusion, the ad with the woman brings up an important issue which all of us have to do something about if we want things to change.

Afifa and Melda

249 words

Racist Mountain Dew Commercial Portrays African-American Men As Goats

Mountain Dew’s goat commercial released in 2013 is racist because it portrays African-Americans as criminals.

reason 1

reason 2

In conclusion, Mountain Dew’s goat commercial is horrifically racist and gives the wrong idea of African-American men in today’s society. Mountain Dew should consider recalling the commercial.

Words: 203

Commercial Rewiew

In typical beer commercials sex and alcohol have been hooked up. However in Hahn beer commercial has been approached from other point of view. In the commercial sexy woman is in hot tub enjoying her bath. From nowhere guy jumps into the bath and splashes the water all over the place. After that he grabs a beer.

Commercial try to show that you don’t always need women to have fun. Beer makes everything funnier and you can enjoy your beer everywhere. The best part is that you don’t have to care what other people think about you. When normally everyone shames themselves and think how the behave and look when the are drinking

Dirty black people

Racist ad from the 1940s.
”Why doesn’t your mama wash you with fairy soap?”

The advert made by Fairy Soap from the 1940’s is very racist. The advert has two little girls, one of them white and one of them black, standing in an unknown place. The black girl has a scruffy dress and short hair, and she doesn’t have any shoes on. The white girl has blonde shiny hair, a cute clean dress and shoes. In the ad the white girl asks the black girl: “Why doesn’t your mama wash you with fairy soap?” The little white girl thinks that the black girl has a dirty body when actually it is only her skin colour. When the advert was published, people thought that these types of adverts were perfectly normal but nowadays many think that these kinds of ads are very racist.

In the 1940’s black children and adults were discriminated publicly. Even the law said that black people have to have their own facilities, for example bathrooms, drinking fountains and restaurants. During the world war II, African Americans, Native Americans and Japanese Americans had to live and work in a certain part of town. In the advert there is symbolism in the little girls’ clothes because the black girl has dirty clothes on and the white girl has clean clothes on. The people who have made this advert perhaps wanted to point out that black people are “dirty inside”  or “not as clean” as white people.

This advert is very racist because it points out that black and white people are not equal human beings, when in fact all people are equal to each other. We would not buy Fairy Soap based on this advert.


Julia, Maria, Nina

A Radical Move From Sony


The Sony Playstation Vita portable gaming console ad is sexist. The ad is from year 2014, and it’s not quite suitable for modern market because modern people are more concerned about equality. If this ad had existed 20 years ago, it would’ve been considered as a typical “a little bit naughty” ad targeted for men, but now days people just take these gender equality related issues more seriously.

The joke of the ad is based to the fact that this “Playstation Vita” console has a touch screen on front and a touch pad on the back of the device, and the headline says “touch both sides for added enjoyment” so that’s basically a reference to these both side interactive touch surfaces.

It’s easy to see that the ad is mainly targeted for young men because of this sexism towards women, like the way they don’t even show the head of the lady, like women would be nothing more than a bunch of boobs.

The ad had a short life, it was in a few magazines but it was shortly banned after that because Sony got a lot of complaints about it. People found this ad very radical from a company like Sony and it’s different from Sony’s other ads and commercials which usually have no sexism at all.

People don’t usually think this kind of sexist advertising is right, but when you’re buying a product, you don’t usually care about “what kind of ads does the product have” if you like some product then you like it, and if you don’t like some product then you don’t like it, simple as that.

Precision driving

The Epic Split (published November 13th, 2013) is all about telling cleverly about new Volvos inventions, without watcher even notices what it’s all about before the ending lines. With two brand new Volvos, Jean-Claude Van Damme performs his famous split stunt which is top class from Hollywood.

When you open the video, you see Van Damme in sunset with two golden trucks. Van Damme has his eyes closed and he looks calm. Quickly you can notice that those trucks are moving and music plays. You can’t see him speaking but you hear his voice, like he is thinking. He opens his eyes and soon camera zooms out and you can see him standing on the rear view mirrors. When Enya starts singing the Only Time, the left trucks moves away from the other. Van Damme ends up in a split between those golden colored trucks.

Everything in this video have been “polished” to be perfect. The contrasts in the colors have been thought trough, the black asphalt, bright sky, the yellow glow from the sunset, golden trucks and the hills in the horizon, which gives soft, calm feeling. Van Damme has that blue jean jacket which pops out perfectly and  draws the attention to him.

The lines that Van Damme calmly tells, about his uphills, downhills and bumpy roads, are actually connected to driving, how Volvo has that power to survife trough those tough environment which it has to go, just like Van Damme did. He also tells about his perfectly crafted body and “legs which defy the laws of physics”, just like Volvo, perfect body, perfect suspension. The song that plays in the background is Enyas – Only Time. It fits on this stunt because its calm and gentle. All thought it doesn’t tell about driving, the lyrics goes “Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, only time?”. The stunt have been done in the evening when the day have flowed and on the road which looks like it never ends. The second part which you hear about the song is telling about growing love and what your heart desires, and that represents what you could feel towards Volvos.

Video represent the skills of Van Damme and precision of Volvos, and its a pack filled with Hollywood action and soft, touching audio and visual effects.



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