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Blog post on the Movie Review “Spectre”

Dave on film website has all kinds of movie reviews, but I chose this one because I haven’t actually seen the movie yet so I wanted to read the review. The review is written 2 months ago by Dave Taylor.

Grammar in the review is very good, he uses formal language most of the time if not all the time. The information in it however is full of shit! And I really mean that. I mean come on, it is supposed to be a review not a trailer or the whole freaking plot. He tells almost everything that went down in the movie, from the get go to the finish. He does comment the movie in some occasions and actually “reviews” it, but it’s all pretty much the movie itself. I feel sorry for the readers such as myself who actually have not seen the movie yet. What a shame!

It does include a one comment by a guy named Christian Toto and he says as follows: “Why do critics give away that information? Is it arrogance? Something else? It’s shameful — your job is to help potential viewers, not show off the fact that you’ve seen the film before everyone else. Pathetic.” I personally couldn’t agree more with his comment. Also the language in the comment is formal and clear.

Link to the review and the screenshot of it are below.

Review: Spectre



Healthy and tasty Breakfast

Hello my lovely readers!

What would be a better way to start a whole new day, than with a healthy and tasty breakfast.  Did you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Many of you guys must know it, but it´s not always easy to invest on it. Normally mornings are quiet chaotic´s and there´s no that match time to do the breakfast.Luckily I have some good tips to share for you.

  1. Porridge with some fruits and berries. For example bananas, blueberries, kiwis, cottage cheese or what ever you feel like to add-on your porridge. This is super healthy and fast to do.
  2. Rye bread with:  smashed avocado, eggs, tomatoes or with cold cuts. Also super fast to do and you can combine many flavors for example I like to eggs with rugosa or tomato bread with creamy spread.

Here is so pictures of my casual morning breakfasts. As you can see a lot of colors and various fruits and berries. My breakfast includes all the most important nutrients: protein, carb/ fibre, vitamin and of course unsaturated fat. Go and eat healthy breakfast, You will feel good! Have a nice day lovelies!
IMG_7190             IMG_7418

IMG_7417             IMG_7135

A Movie to “Focus” on

Hello fellow movie enthusiasts. I’m here today with yet another movie review. This time I will review “Focus”, starred by Will Smith and Margot Robbie. This movie contains action, romance, and most importantly lots of cool mind tricks.

Theatrical release poster of "Focus"
Theatrical release poster of “Focus”

“Focus” is about an expert con man, Nicky (Will Smith). Nicky meets an amateur con man, Jessie (Margot Robbie), who wants to join Nicky and his group on quite a big gig. At this point they just steal wallets and expensive watches, which makes the movie seem quite dull and unoriginal. However, after this the movie gets really exciting as it seems Nicky lost all of the money he and his group made from the gig, while gambling. But in reality, it was a part of their plan in tricking a millionaire into a gamble he would surely lose.

This movie had a lot of good qualities but it had some bad qualities too. In my opinion, the romance between Nicky and Jesse was really tacky and just boring. Also, it was quite disappointing that after the best scene of the movie, which was also relatively early in the movie, there was approximately 30 minutes of dull and completely unoriginal drama.

In conclusion, “Focus” offers interesting and original ideas. The tension the movie builds up right before a huge turn of events is also really well done. Also,  the turn of events are always followed up by an explanation of Nicky’s plans which were the reason the events turned in the first place. And these plans are always brilliant and will definitively  surprise you. However, the movie spends way too much time on the romance between Nicky and Jesse, which is quite badly done.

Chinese Family Food Recipe

Hey guys! Do you know dumpling?

Dumpling is famous Chinese food. In history. Dumpling is medicine for ear. Because dumpling looks like ear. In dumpling has any medicine. Then medicine is easy to eat, it does not taste bad. Now, people eat it on Chinese New Year’s eve. It means ¨Good  lucky.¨

Dumpling can be based on potato flour or flour. They can include meat, fish, sweets or vegetables. They can be cooked by polling, steaming or frying. They can be eaten in soup,.

I made dumpling which is based on flour. They include pork, Chinese cabbages,eggs and Chinese mushrooms. The  ingredients will need to make dumplings.


500g  flour or potato

250g water


400g pork

400g Chinese cabbagesg

2 eggs

20g Chinese mushrooms

A little gingers

1g salt

First you need to mix flour and water. Then you need to wait 10 minutes.

Second you need cut the pork ,Chinese cabbages, Chinese mushrooms and gingers. Then you need to mix them with eggs. You need to add a little salt or soy.

dumpling tilling
Nimetön.png3dumpling filling

Third you need to cut the flour small piece. Then flatten them into pizzas, and get some fillings on the pizzas. you need to pinch it together.


Forth you can put dumpling into pots where has hot water. You must wait 15-20 minutes. Put cold water into the pot. Then you can wait 10 minutes. Finally you can take them out.


When you eat them.You can take any sauce. If you like salty, you can take soy and a little sesame oil. If you like spicy. You can choose soy, chili, sesame oil and a little peanuts. You can also eat dumplings with soups.

Fifth let us enjoy it.

If you like dumpling ,you can make it step by step at home. you can also buy it in shops.(







Glutinous Rice Ball With Black Sesame Filling

Hi everyone,

Today I made a delicious Chinese food Tang Yuan. Do you guys want the recipe of Tang Yuan, of course your want.  Here you go, but first I would like to tell some story about Tang Yuan. The official version is they are traditionally eaten during Yuan xiao or the Lantern Festival but also served as a dessert on Chinese wedding day, Winter Solstice Festival and any occasions such as family reunion, because of a homophone for union. Personal version is my Mom told me in childhood when I eat one Tang Yuan, it will make me one year older.



For the black sesame filling:

100 g  toasted black sesame

100 g sugar or as needed

50 g of lard or butter melted

For the Tang Yuan:

300 g  glutinous rice flour

220 g water.

Step One: Crash black sesame into powers. Mix well black sesame powers, sugar and lard together into black sesame paste. Put that paste to fridge 2 hours.


Step Two:  Mix dough with glutinous rice flour.


Step Three: Take one piece of the dough and shape into a bowl, and put in filling. squeeze it into a ball.


Step Four: Put the ball to boiling water and reducing fire or the ball will break. About a few minute  ago until the ball float on the water.

Step Five:  Let’s enjoy that!!!!!

Words: 220



The Sweet Muffins

Hey Everyone,

Let me introduce my new baking recipe, Sweet Chocolate Muffins! It’s have been a quite a while when I have baked a cakes by myself. And now I decided to do it! and share this rather a very successful baking recipe with you.

Okay, let’s start with the ingredients!

You will need:

  • 100 grams of butter or margarine
  • 2,5 deciliter of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1  deciliter of milk
  • 4 deciliter of wheat flour
  • 1 deciliter of dark chocolate
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla powder
  • 3,5/4 teaspoons baking powder

And for whipped cream:

  • 2 deciliter whipping cream
  • 200 grams mascarpone cheese
  • 2 teaspoons icing sugars


Then start baking!

  1.  Firstly, you have to mix soft butter with sugar, eggs and milk together.
  2. Secondly, mix all the dry ingredients together in another bowl and  don’t forget to add the dark chocolate through a strainer (because I forgot it and had to mix it up too long :D)
  3. Thirdly, Add little by little the dry ingredients mixture to the fatty mixtures.

And it will look like this! Yay, we made it this far!


4. Then pick up with the two tablespoon using the muffin cups. If you don’t use a muffin tin, I recommend you to put at least two cups on top of each, in order to keep the muffins form.

5. Bake at 180 degrees for middle of the oven, about 15-20 mins.


6. When the muffins have cooled you can decorate them the way you want!

I decorated them with whipped cream and sprinkles.

And that is the result! Enjoy it!

IMG_1803 IMG_1774

The taste was yummy! but It could have done better, because it was too sugary and not as soft as I thought, it should be. (So don’t make the same mistakes and add less sugar and maybe flour)

Thank You for following my recipe and hope you liked! 🙂






The Biggest Event in MMA

Hey MMA fans. This weeks blog post is about the biggest event in the history of MMA. MMA is Mixed Martial Arts also known as cage fighting or unarmed combat. The biggest MMA organization is UFC “Ultimate Fighting Championship”.

This week there’s 3 UFC events one after another. From Thursday to Saturday 3 nights in a row. The last one is the biggest and it’s the pay-per view.  UFC 194 is on Saturday and the fight card for the night has never been this exciting and stacked with huge fights. It’s the most anticipated event in the history of the sport.

In the main event the undisputed and the only featherweight champion in UFC history Jose Aldo will go one on one against the interim champion Conor McGregor to unify the belts. This is probably the biggest fight in UFC history because Jose Aldo hasn’t lost in 10 years and Conor McGregor has this huge hype around him. Conor is a mix of amazing fighting skills and ridiculous thrash talk that has never been seen before. Also his confidence is on a whole another level and it’s inspiring to watch.

This is a fight that the fans have been waiting for a year now. They were supposed to fight on July but Aldo had to pull out due to a rib injury 2 weeks prior to the fight. So Conor faced Chad Mendes #2 ranked guy in the division for the interim featherweight championship. This was the biggest fight in Conor’s career at the time. He had a lot to prove because everyone was questioning his chances against a good wrestler and Chad is the best wrestler in the division. Everybody knew how good Conor’s striking was, he had 4 knockouts in his 5 UFC wins and he was 5-0 in the UFC so the big question was:”How will he handle a wrestler?” Because he hadn’t faced one before. Conor defeated Chad via KO in the second round and marked his claim.

Now the fight with Jose Aldo is even bigger. Everybody knows that Jose Aldo is the real featherweight champion even though Conor now holds an interim belt. Aldo is the undisputed champion but Conor is in many eyes the guy to beat Aldo and take over the division. Conor represents Ireland and has support from his countrymen like nobody else in the world. Aldo comes from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and has worked his way to the top.

The main event is the main attraction but the whole card is huge. In the CO-main event the middleweight champion Chris Weidman will face his toughest fight to date in Luke Rockhold. This is a fight that would easily be main event in any other card except this one. Also the fights prior tho co-main event are very interesting so the whole event is outstanding. Of course the cherry on a cake is the main event and I know that every MMA fan like me have been waiting for this fight for a long time and it’s finally here! The fight is on it’s in 2 days and I simply can’t f*king wait!

The Best Christmas Food in Finland

Hi Guys ,
I am an exchange student in Finland and I will tell about the best Christmas food here. It tastes better than the any other Christmas food which you are imagining unless if you are Finnish when you must be imagining that. Joulutorttu(,,Christmas cake´´) is a Finnish Christmas food that is made of puff pastry and plum jam and looks like a wind wheel. We are making it every weekend with my host family. It’s like tradition here to make it every weekend. But we are not the only one family who is making it, every or most of the families are doing the same. I will give you the recipe that you can make it at home. It’s really easy and quick.

1 pack puff pastry
1 pack/cup plum jam
1 egg
100 ml milk
Oven 225 degrees

First open the puff pastry pack and cut it into (7cm×7cm) squares. Than start  to cut from the corners into the middle but leave a little space for the plum jam. Now you put the plum butter on the middle of the squares and form it into wind wheels. Than mix the egg and the milk and spread both on the joulutorttu. Now put it into the oven at 225 degrees for 15 minutes . And the jouluturttus are finished . Enjoy👍

PS It tastes better than it looks !


A delicious Swiss roll with sprinkles, chocolate and cream sauce

Hey all, especially those of you who loves sweet pastries!

I would like to tell that my mom’s Swiss roll with sprinkles, chocolate and cream sauce tastes amazing and I want to share this recipe with you.

Cake base: 

4 Eggs

1 desiliter sugar

1 desiliter potato flour

2 tablespoon flour

2 tablespoon cocoa

1 teaspoon baking powder


2 desiliter whipping cream

200g gingerbread curd

1 tablespoon sugar


1 desiliter whipping cream

150g dark chocolate

Heat the oven 225 degrees. Whisk the eggs and sugar. Then mix the dry ingredients together and add them to the egg foam. Pour the batter into the baking tray on top of the baking paper. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Repeal mature base on a baking sheet. Prepare filling. Whisk the cream and sugar. Add gingerbread curd. Spread filling over the base. Wrap the tart tightly in baking paper and put the tart in the fridge.

Make icing. Chop the chocolate into small pieces. Heat the cream to the boil and pour over chocolate. Stir until the mixture is smooth. Cooling the mixture. Beat the mixture with an electric mixer. Cover the icing on top of the pie. Let cool for 10 minutes and garnish.

Serve tart with cranberries and enjoy!


Nimaju’s cooking corner

Hey, our lovely readers we have some explaining to do. We are very sorry that we haven’t posted for a while because we haven’t had any spare time. But now when Christmas is coming we absolutely wanted to make a post and we will do at least one post once a week. Without further ado let’s get straight to the point.

Because Christmas is coming we wanted to share this easy and delicious cheesecake recipe to you all.  The cake we baked was a glögi (Finnish spiced wine) cheesecake with gingerbread cake base. The recipe is pretty easy but it takes a lot of time.

The ingredients you will need to bake the cake.



  • 200 g gingerbreadIMG_7175
  • 75 g butter






  • 2 dl sugarIMG_7176
  • 1 egg
  • 500 g unseasoned unripened cheese
  • 2 dl whipping cream
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon or gingerbread flavoring, we used cinnamon and it tasted very good
  • 2 tablespoons real vanilla sugar
  • 6 gelatine leafs
  • 2 tablespoons boiling water

IMG_7172 So  here is pictures of the whipped cream and cheese blend and when you have done these too, just mix them together.


  • 2 dl glögi (Finnish spiced wine)
  • 3 gelatine leafs

At this point we mixed  the gelatine leafs to the boiling glögi. Then you just let the glögi cool off and the topping is ready.

After that we compiled the cake. Then we put it in the freezer and let it be there for awhile.Now the cake is finally ready to be eaten!Here is picture of the cake we made.IMG_7181


You can drink for example coffee or glögi with the cake.Yam,enjoy! The cake was DELICIOUS! If you want to make something delicious and easy, bake this cake! You won´t be disappointed.

Thank you our lovely readers for reading this. We hope that you guys liked it.

We will be writing soon.


Maria Granden, Julia Ross and Nina Björkman

Made By Mom

Hi guys,

I’d like to tell you about my mom’s cooking. She has a few awesome recipes which are succulent and delicious, but not hard at all to make yourself. This is one of them

Spinach-Bacon-Pasta (May sound disgusting, but IT’S NOT!)

You need 1 pouch/200g of spinach (usually its frozen spinach), 2 packages of bacon, ketchup, salt, cooking cream and 500g of pasta. We usually use “fusilli” pasta but it’s your own choice which you like to use, you can make it even with spaghetti.

20141215_183559 20141215_183625

First put water in kettle and put it on stove to heat up. Take the bacon strips and cut them to pieces. Heat up a pan and throw bacon strips in the pan. Cook them few minutes. Take spinach and throw it to the pan as well and mix with bacon. Add some black pepper and ketchup (You can also add onions or garlic too). Mix them, add cream and boil for few minutes.

Put pasta in kettle and cook them, pour out the water and put the spinach-bacon sauce in kettle and mix with pasta. There you have it. Serve with salad and you can put more ketchup or Parmesan cheese for additional taste.

Photo of the final result =)




My passion towards sushi

Howdy there food lovers! Sushi is awesome ! And you should make and treat it with respect. Also prepare it with love, as it will reflect to the people you will feed with it! If you’ve never tried it, I suggest you go eat sushi in a good japanese restaurant as soon as possible! You won’t regret it, I swear.

What I would like to point out, is some things you should know about the asian cuisine when it comes to deciding to serve sushi for dinner, and for how many people you would prefer it to make. You might want to have one or two of your friends helping you prepare the dinner party, because I tell you this (which you probably know already), but making/prepping sushi is a TON of work !

You could go to a japanese restaurant and order sushi there, with less effort and obviously less stress and work in your hands. Personally I love prepping and then making sushi. You work with your hands and you can be creative ! You can create your own new types of sushi: for example, if you really love candy, you can use some candy to put on the rice, or to put inside the rolls of sushi with seaweed, some could think of stuffing it with bacon even and make it really their own “sushi” type of dish!

Sushi should though (when eaten) be respected, and eaten the correct way. NEVER use a fork and knife to eat sushi. That’s a desecration towards the food, and if you are a food lover, you know that you should always respect the food you eat. You should know to eat some ginger, usually placed on the side for you sushi, if you go eat in a restaurant, each time you change the type of sushi or even if you eat the same sushi category, but with a different fish. It is thought to clear the mouth from the taste of the fish you just ate, and to maximize the taste experience you get of each type of sushi you’ll eat !

I recommend you to go search from the internet some info about sushi, if this blog got you interested and you’ve never tried it before. Ask friends what they think about “raw fish on rice”, and despite what they say, you can try it out yourself and prove them wrong. And maybe get them try sushi as well someday!


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