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Stylish Movie Blog


The Movie blog named “Counting Down the Hours” by Adam Frazier is a blog all about movie reviews. He has an excellent knowledge of cinema and a talent for referencing pop culture curiosities. He is a big fan of Dinosaurs, Xenomorphs, Zombie Security Scenarios, Cult Cinema, Robots, Japanese Pro Wrestling, Flying Saucers, and Monster Movies.

The first movie review I read was about a movie named “Vacation (2015)” posted 27th July 2015. The Movie review began with telling about characters and then comparing the movie with other movies i.e. with “Horrible Bosses”. Then he started to tell the story line of the movie. His review proceeds in order, like systematically, and it’s easy to read.

The second movie review I read was about a movie named “Everest” Posted 20th September 2015. The Movie review began with telling that the movie is based on tragic event which happened in 1996 and it is a story of two expeditions to the summit of Earth’s highest mountain, one led by Scott Fischer (Jake Gyllenhaal) and the other by Rob Hall (Jason Clarke). And then he starts to tell, what the film is about i.e. the plot.

In the blog there is a comment area where you can enter you comment but there is not any comment from other yet. And you can share and like the blog post in the other social sites too.

The language of the blog is very easy to read and understand and it’s mostly formal because there are not abbreviations like BRB, BTW.

For example:

“Am I supposed to care simply because this is based on a true story?”

But in some cases informal, for example:

“Should I be invested in Kormákur’s film because I’ve already read Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air” or seen David Breashears’ documentary”

In my opinion, the blog was actually very well styled and the language was easy to read. The blog is excellent if you want to find serious and systematic movie reviews and interested about horror and sci-fi movies.



Movie lover blog from the north East of England

The movie blog ” let´s go to the movies” by a 20-year-old woman is about her passion towards movies. She´s writing and publishing pictures and videos about every kind off movies. She thoroughly enjoy writing her thoughts down on films she watch at the Cinema, on Sky Movies, Netflix UK and from her huge DVD/Blue Ray Collection.

I read some of her movie reviews and her first blog post is from February 9, 2009. So she´s been writing this blog for six years. Browsing  through the blog I can notice how her verbal expression and description has advanced tremendously.

In her blog she express her reviews and views on the movies. The way she´s writing is funny and interesting. She makes readers to get excited about the world of movies. I can sense her real interesting towards movies and actors/actresses from time to time. from the comments I can see how people are quiet pleased about her posting. I´m not surprised about that, because the whole entirety of the blog is very successful.



English blog

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Mediocre movie blog

Blog named “Dave On Film” by Dave Taylor is about movies and criticizes them.The movie review I read was about movie called San Andreas whereof I´m not agree with him. His first blog post was six years ago.  I have seen it my self so I knew what it was about.

There were not many comments which means that the blog is not so popular. And in the post that I read were no comments at all. The text was pretty easy to read, but there were few words I didn’t understand.  I would improve the blog by telling more positive things about the movie. Dave writes about the movie very negatively.

But there were few points that I could agree on with him and he brings new perspective to the movie. I would also tell less about the plot because it can ruin someones movie experience if they haven’t seen the movie yet.



Mediocre Movie Blog

The blog named “Dave on Film” by Dave Taylor is a blog about movies. I read movie review about movie named Pixels. I have seen it earlier so I chosen it. Movie review begins by telling the plot of the movie.

Dave Taylor compare the movie with other children`s movies. Review is a film against and it critisized a movie. Blog says that Pixels is too confused and story of the movie is not fun, only dumb.  Watching Pixels is just a waste of time the blog said.

Nobody has not comment movie review yet. Language of the film is formal. There is not any shortcuts and language is factual. Taylor has focused on text.

I think that text is good and there is many good points and arguments. But I liked Pixels when I watched it and in my opinion movie suitable for children and adults.

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An Excellent Movie Blog

The blog Indie wire by John Campea in 2001, an avid movie fan, is all about film reviews. It is good to read. It writes character analysis and he writes also his own comment of the film.

I read a blog post of Spectre, a James Bond movie, by Jules Neuman. This blog post has comments. He has written a main character analysis and about the important female of the film. He also contrasts the movie with The Matrix. For example he has written this in his blog. ‘For example, I haven’t seen The Matrix. Oh, that felt good. I have yet to see a single Indiana Jones fiasco. Look at me I’m blushing. Bond has been parodied so many times it’s easy to get the gist of it. And, frankly, the gist is all you really need to understand the allure. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some Bond when he’s been correctly shaken.’ The reviewer has written about the acting, the plot, the action, the special effects and everything.

I read another blog post of ‘who will be James Bond after Spectre?’ by Bud Boomer. The reviewer gave some actors’ introduction in blog such as Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, Clive Owen, Jason Statham and Damian Lewis. Who will be better to be James Bond after Spectre? However, on this blog it is not clear which actor is the best Bond. The actor introductions are unclear. But the blog is mostly easy to understand.

In my opinion, the blog post Spectre by Junes Neuman is excellent because it is easy to understand. This blog has a clear introduction of the leading actors Bond and his lady. The lady plays an important part in the movie so I like it.



Professional Film Editor Blog

The Movie blog “Digital films” by Oliver Peters is all about video and film editing. He is an independent video/film editor. He has worked in the radio, television and film industries since 1970 and earned numerous awards.

The first and newest blog post that I read was written on November 27th called “The on Camera Interview”. He explains about the camera techniques and editing which he use on the camera interviews. He gave tips and advises how to design the interview set and teach how to use camera well by choosing the best positions for it. It seems that he has lots of experience and he is an expert on it.

The blog has no comment area on it. Maybe he doesn’t want others opinions about his blog posts or it`s not just necessary for him. 

The language of the blog is mostly formal English, for example:

“If you want them looking straight into the lens, then one solution is to set up a system whereby the subject can naturally interact with the lens.”

but there was some informal language also, like: I’ve, that’s and won’t. 

for example: “That’s because the interviewer and the camera are so close to each other.”

In my opinion, the blog was well structured and it was easy to read and find all the posts on the right side of the page. But at the same time, they were too long and described in detail every step. I recommend this blog for everyone who is interested about video editing and how to use digital cameras properly.






A serious blog about the Moving Pictures

The Movie Blog is a popular blog about movies. The blog was originally started by a man named John Campea in 2003. Before this he had been blogging for about 2 years. The Movie Blog later became so popular that John Campea could not keep it up to date alone which is why the blog is currently written by multiple people. The most active writers are seem to be Jules Neuman, Kenny Miles and Jim Alexander.  They appear to be movie enthusiasts rather than popular movie critics.  

Most of the posts on the blog do not receive a large amount of comments. If there are comments on a post they are mostly written by people who want to share their opinion of the movie that the post is written about. Some comments disagree with what is written on the posts but that too is often done in a respectful manner.

The language used on the blog is rather formal. The same goes for the clear majority of the comments. Here are two examples of the language used on the posts :

She’s Billy’s hope for resurrection, and Laurence exhibits a real emotional conflict a child might be dealing with during a loss of a mother and the disappointment of a father.”  (Taken from the post “Review: “Southpaw” shows Gyllenhaal Delivering A Knockout Oscar Punch”.)

“None of this matters. Just like these new dinosaurs, audiences are conditioned for the genetically modified experience of louder, bigger, and ultimately, and scarier.Jurassic World is ideal for their sensibility.” (Taken from the post “ Jurassic World Review”.)

In my opinion, this blog is excellent if you want to find serious movie reviews written by people who should know a thing or two about movies. The blog is also written really well and clearly. However, if you are looking for a blog that is entertaining to read this one probably isn’t for you.





The Force Awakens

The movie review on the movie Blog site by John Campea who began blogging in 2001. The movie blog’s name is a Trailer: Star Wars The Force awakens that shows 3 minutes film trailer about the movie. There is one comment on the blog and the writer says that he is really excited to see the film.

The language of the blog is formal English and the writer has written that in his opinion the trailer was a letdown because he was set he’s expectations too high in advance of seeing something monumental. The language in the comments is also formal English.

In my opinion the trailer was made very well and I think I would watch the whole film because I have watched other Star Wars films. The writer has written his blog well and it is good that he says something critical about the film. I don’t know how I would improve the blog because I said it was well written and I liked it.

Star wars


Read About Movies

The movie review blog Dave On Film by Dave Taylor, a film fan since he was in middle school, is extensive. The first movie review of blog was written six years ago. When I was on the blog’s website, is so easy to find the film review which I interest. The film review are arranged from newest to oldest and also the big poster of movie.

Poster of Pixels

I read a pair of his movie reviews, those were too extensive. When I read the movie review “Review: Pixels” and ” Review: Spectre”, I would not like to watch the movie again because I already know what the movie talking about.

In the “Review: Pixels” Dave talks about the movie’s plot and sometimes about his own opinions. For example, “No worries, sensitive Sam joins her and commiserates, a scene that’s both extraordinarily improbable and idiotic.” And in the post ending Dave suggests people do not watch the Pixels, if you want to enjoy some 80’s video game nostalgia.”

The language of the blog is mostly formal English, but there have also used contractions like “I’ll go see it again, and I’d even place it on a top ten list of Bond films. But it’s not quite as good as I’d hoped.”  “They’re just dumb. That’s too big a “suspension of disbelief” moment.”

There is available to comment, to share posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email , and readers can also comment other readers’ comments. The readers liked Dave’s film review.


To sum up, I like this blog because I would rather reading than watching, if you are someone like me. So this blog is a good choice for you too.

Words: 273.




I chose blog called  Quickflix. The blog was about movie reviews, interviews and news. Five people writing the blog: Simon Miraudo,Jess Lomass,Rich Haridy, Andrew Williams and Glenn Dunck. I chose these two posts and . First one was a review for ny Hobbit movie and  second was a list of ten top films of this year. I didn´t see the comments so I can’t say anything about the readers like it or not. The language was formal of posts ex: you wouldn’t know it from watching, Yet, it wasn’t more action ,  When Freeman’s on screen, you might be fooled into thinking the picture works. Once again , I can’t see the comments so I don’t know the language of them.

My opinion is that the blog was great and the English was understandable. However, there was something to improve. I would improve the blog by allowing to see the comments even though you aren’t log in. That was only thing was missing for that blog.

Here is a picture of the blog


Dave On Film Movie Reviews

I chose two blog reviews of different movies. I found the reviews from Dave Taylor has been a movie fan for most of his life.

The first movie review was of the movie called “Dracula Untold”.


The second movie review was of the movie “Fury” with Brad Pitt.


The blog is generally about Dave posting movie reviews on his blog. The posts on the blog I read are about 2 different movies with different genres. The language on the reviews is always very formal. Though Dave has thrown some humor in there. For example the one part on the review for “Dracula Untold”; “…and is even a reluctant Christian.” He is also trying to explain the plot in his own way, which makes his reviews more natural and enjoyable to read. Basically makes them his own. There were no comments made on either of the 2 reviews. If there would have been some comments made, I would believe that at least some of them would have had some informal language, even by mistake then or unintentionally. Overall, the both reviews were very enjoyable to read (as mentioned earlier) which in my opinion is a good way of publishing movie reviews in general. Telling about the movie in your own way and spicing it up with some humor and metaphors perhaps, so people who read it might get interested in going to see the movie.


Good, Better, The Movie Blog

I chose to check out “The Movie Blog” ( It’s diverse blog with reviews, actor interviews, trailer tips and news tips. Much information, and good tips. Simple and nice looking out outfit.



I found two posts which are interesting, first is about movie called Dracula Untold

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This review was written by Franchesca and there was nice humor in it, but still formal. Compared to the other post I chose, this post was pleasant and easy to read. She has written only 5 posts, but I think she brings nice humor to posts. There were few comments, people told that they liked the movie and one guy shared a link how to watch the movie for free (I wouldn’t open that link…)

And the second post is about movie Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

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Written by Ryan, analyses the movie exactly same way I did when i saw this same movie. Very formal, fancy words. Didn’t give much about the storyline, just some pieces which he want to especially analyse. There were no comments, because it’s quite fresh post.

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