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Comedy movies

The name of the blog is “Dave on film” and the writer is Dave Taylor. Blog is a movie blog. The blog reviews that I have read are comedy movies, Pain & Gain and Pixels. Eventually I did not like these movies based on reviews because they seemed boring. No one has commented to Pain & Gain blog post. The other, Pixels, is commented. There is two comments that criticized the movie because apparently they do not really like it. Both blog texts are formal but comments are more informal. On comments they use contractions like didn’t for did not and that’s for that is but not any forms like u for you or any other abbreviations. I think that Taylor writes well and his texts give a good impression of the films. After reading it is easy to build a own opinion about the movies.



Oh! So many movie blogs!!!

For this essay i chose a movie blog called oh! That Film Blog it mostly has movie reviews and a woman named Amy Andrews writes it. Seems to be pretty popular blog and the comments seem to be positive and helpful but some of them may be trolls. As stated earlier the blog focuses on movie reviews , mostly on hollywood movies or other big movies. I read two of her reviews and they were mostly pretty good they were review for Hateful eight and Fantastic beasts and where to find them i had seen Hateful eight so the Fantastic beasts was way more interesting for me. The language on the reviews was pretty formal  and she used no abbreviations and his opinions were really well justified one thing that annoyed me in her reviews was that at the start of every review she has written a little joke or a funny line somehow connected to movie or her opinion on the film but still interesting blog to read.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (2016)

The Hateful Eight (2015)

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Professional movie reviewing

Dave On Film is a blog about movie reviews. It’s written by Dave Taylor, a critic who writes reviews for the Boulder Weekly and He posts reviews about newly released movies and his favorite movies on Netflix.

In his posts about reviewing Fantastic Four (2015) and Spectre (2015) Taylor describes his thoughts about the movies and explains a little bit about their plots, just enough for the reader to get an urge to watch them. He makes sure not to spoil anything by sometimes not even telling the characters’ names which is very considerate of him.

There are quite few comments on Taylor’s posts but those who have commented seem to be satisfied with the content of the blog. They are mostly just thanking Taylor for his reviews. However, there is one angry person commenting on the review of Spectre, claiming that Taylor is giving away too much information about the movie.

The language used in the blog posts is mostly formal but Taylor uses contractions, like “it’s” instead of “it is” and “I’d” instead of “I had”, “It’s not quite as good as I’d hoped.” His grammar is on point, he even uses the correct pronoun “whom” in his review about the Fantastic Four, “No one, whom I know personally, said that the newest Fantastic Four movie was any good.” The language of the comments is not as formal as Taylor’s. For example, one comment doesn’t have capital letters in it at all.

I think Taylor does a great job with his blog. The text is easy to read and sometimes even humorous. The only thing I would change is to make the posts just a little bit shorter. Sometimes Taylor wanders a little off the topic, like talking about his childhood memories with comic books which a movie is based on. This could be cut out.

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Dave On Film

Dave On Film is a movie blog ran by Dave Taylor, a huge movie fan who also writes reviews for two other sites as well. He made his first post in 2009 and has since reviewed over 200 films. I read two of his reviews: Allied and Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

The language of the blog is mostly formal, but it does use quite a lot of contractions, for example, “I didn’t find much to love” and “escaped beast aren’t all that’s happening in New York City, there’s also ever energy afoot”. Taylor sometimes uses direct language so the text feels more personal: “You know where I mean.” Overall, the language is very simple. Taylor doesn’t use any unnecessarily fancy words, which makes the blog pleasant to read and easy to understand.

The reviews don’t have many comments (the ones I read had none). Some of the olders have few, but they’re mostly just short replies or adverts for other reviews. This could be because Taylor’s style is quite neutral so it doesn’t really leave much to discuss. The reviews are mostly just explanations of the plot of the movie with a few personal remarks.

Overall, I think the blog is good. It’s simple, easy to navigate and has a lot of content. If I could, I would change the style of the reviews. I wish they would be longer and include more of Taylor’s own opinions and thoughts instead of just summarizing the plot. I also think the layout of the blog could be better – right now it’s a bit boring. Changing the font and colour scheme could really bring the page alive and make it more inviting to new readers. I’ll give it 3/5.Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 16.48.13.png

A Better version of Hell

Welcome to Hell, by Glenn Walker, is a blog including many posts related to the pop culture.

I have read two of his posts, which both were about episodes of a series, Arrow to be precise.

It seems that Walker doesn’t get much feedback or recognition at all, but yet he has done many posts regardless of that, which is very admirable.

The language Walker uses is mostly formal, but has used some abbreviations for example “AKA”, and it would be nice to clarify to new people what an abbreviation means if it’s related to the series, as in I had no idea what means “SCPD” before I googled it.

Besides that, Walker does definitely know a lot, whether it was about movies, comics or music, he has a considerable amount of knowledge. For example he pointed out a cool a reference about a hotel in the series named Papp Hotel, Papp was the co-creator of the arrow series years ago.

The posts have left me with kinda negative feeling about the series, Walker doesn’t seem to include any positive things in his posts, though the series sounds cool whether it was only negative comments or positive ones.

In the end, when the new season of Doctor Who is released, I can’t deny the fact I will probably visit Welcome to Hell again.

jyuuu“Arrow S05 E06: So it begins”, by Glenn Walker, published in November 15th, 2016, accessed in December 8th, 2016

“Arrow S05 E07: Vigilante”, by Glenn Walker, published in November 18th, 2016, accessed in December 8th, 2016


 The blog is named WELCOME TO HELL ~and it is written by Glenn Walker. The blog is about reviewing movies and series, and also about things which are relative to movies or series. Posts that I read were about a movie named The Kid Brother and a cruise where were classic actors.

No one commented on the blog “The Kid Brother”, but there was one comment on the another post. Person who commented was apparently on the cruise himself, and praised it very much. On the blog you can show your opinion in other way than commenting. There was a box where you could “click your reaction”. There were four alternatives:Funny, interesting, cool and sad.

The language used on the blog was (in my opinion) semi-formal because there wasn’t much informal language or any abbreviations like u or gr8. On the other hand, he likes to use I´ll  instead of I will or isn’t instead of is not. Someone could say that the whole blog was written with formal language and he wouldn’t be wrong.

My opinion on the blog is that it was surprisingly good but I am not a big fan of blogs, so even tho other people thought it was funny, in my opinion it was boring. So overall I think it was boring, but interesting. I do not know much about blogs so I don’t know how to improve it, but I guess that the writer should add some funny parts so reader would be happy to read the blog often.

Robin Sharifi



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