The paper is called Express and it is a British newspaper. Last year it was read 408,700 times daily making it Britain`s eight largest newspaper. The newspaper covers all kinds of news ranging from politics to sport so i would say anyone could read it (maybe not kids though). Express was founded in 1900 and it is obsessed in news regarding late Princess Diane (in the 2006 she made the headline 46 times). The language is very formal and very newspaper like (lacking any comedy or irony and focusing on facts only) and of course written very well. As stated the newspaper has obsession with Princess Diana so very much a British magazine. Most not if all headlines are concerning the new president of United states in some form.

Pigs given ROBOTIC hearts in medical breakthrough that could save MILLIONS of lives.

Was a really interesting headline because of its importance to medicine and because pigs are cute.

Man infuriates internet with THIS picture taken in the woods

I didn`t like this cause the article was a bad joke and it had no place on a website like this.


I would recommend reading this newspaper if you like new about Princess Diana, but for other news there are better choices.





ROBOTIC-hearts-medical-breakthrough-heart-failure By SEAN MARTIN
PUBLISHED: 10:37, Fri, Jan 27, 2017
viral-photo-man-woods By HELEN COFFEY
PUBLISHED: 08:03, Fri, Jan 27, 2017