Dear editor!

I liked that you had different views about Facebook, and after reading those i started to think about people more. My main thoughts are that people join Facebook because they want to be part of something, and now whats happening between people, even though they are not involved in your life. We were at the same page regarding that people do not join to Facebook to be lonely or sad, they just want to feel like others. Different from Ethan Krosses point of view i do not think that people use Facebook when they are not happy, but when they are boring. People like to spend time chatting or looking for new posts for example when they are in a buss etc.

Nowadays people have noticed that there isn’t so much to do in Facebook (probably because of other apps like Whats App or Instagram) so they do not use it like they used to do back in the days. Some of them even have deleted their accounts. On the other hand many people do use Facebook only for checking up celebrity or athlete posts even though they used to use it for chatting and following what their friends are doing.

Yours sincerely Robin Sharifi