Dear Editor,

I read your article “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted” (October 4, 2010) and while I found it to be quite fascinating, there was something I disagreed with.

I agree with you that social media itself isn’t enough to make a social change. High-risk activism requires strong connections and – while social media is an efficient tool for networking – those cannot be created over Facebook or Twitter alone. Revolution takes real people interacting in the real world, not just likes and shares on social platforms.

However, I do think that social media is a necessary when it comes to any kind of major social change. It is a perfect way to spread information and reach dozens of people in mere seconds by just one tweet. Without these kind of social networks, international activism wouldn’t even be possible. For instance, the entire Black Lives Matter (#BML) movement was started on Twitter and it has brought together thousands of people all over the world.

Overall, I think social platforms play a vital part in today’s revolutions. They aren’t just weak ties and loose structures,  they are a way to develop communication and spread awareness in a way that could have never been possible back in the 1960s.

Julia, Espoo