The Pepsi commercial was released in 2004 by Pepsi masr. It used the Buddhism history. In the commercial a young boy went to study Kungfu. In there where boy study Kungfu, has a sigh. To get the mark of a monk on his forehead, he must crush the can of Pepsi with his head.

In the commercial, it used Buddhism history. But it is not true. Buddhism’s sigh is The Dharma chakra. It is not sigh on the can of Pepsi. Buddhism originated in Indian. The founder of Buddhism is Sakyamuni. Buddhism is one of the three major religions on  the world. Buddhism is popular in Asian. But it is a little different in south Asian and in center Asian. It is popular in China, Japan, Thailand and Indian. It is also popular in American. It is same with Tibet Buddhism. But it is different than Asian Buddhism.

The ad video is fun but the Buddhism history in video is incorrect. I think they can get some right history in ad video.