Axe’s commercial “Even angles will fall” released in 2011 is a blatantly religious and derogatory commercial.  It has never been banned or recalled even though in my opinion it very easily could have been. The problem that I see in the commercial is the angels. In the commercial  a dozen angels fall from the sky to earth and walk towards this one guy.

The idea of an angel is religious if you ask me and not every religion has its angels so it does kind of set us a part from each other. It’s silly to think that every people believes in angels. It’s a myth. Nobody has never even seen one and it’s a religious figure. The other thing is that a very religious person can be offended by the idea that even angels will fall for a deodorant even though it’s just a commercial.

Also in the commercial the angels were very hot. Young attractive women but since when angel is this sex symbol? Angels have always been good ones, the one and only no sinners. They only do good deeds and etc. In my opinion the angels are the symbol of kindness no sexiness! Angels have a very important role in many religions such as Islam and Christianity and there is no mention that they are this hot women so I think many can be offended by the idea. That is why the commercial is wrong in many ways.

In conclusion the commercial is religious and defamatory and I have explained why I think the way I think.

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