“Everlast : Boxing Makes You Bigger” is a commercial aired in May, 2011. The commercial starts by showing a boy training boxing with a younger boy, probably his little brother. The boys are living in poor conditions and the older boy makes a living for both of them by boxing. At the end of the commercial, an unarmed boy who is roughly the same size as the boxer “robs” him. The boxer gives his money peacefully to the robber.  After this the younger boy asks “why didn’t you beat him up” and the older boy answers “he is hungry”. This commercial is brilliant and inspiring but at the same time it’s quite sad.

The ad was made by  the agency J. Walter Thompson Johannesburg. It has been very well received by audiences,  based on Youtube comments, Reddit threads and a few ad analyses. The reason why this commercial was well received is most likely because it has a message and shows boxing as something more than pure violence. Many boxing commercials only show two men boxing and other one winning, there isn’t much creativity there. The Everlast commercial on the other hand, displays how boxing can actually build up character and change your outlook on life through discipline. This is also why the name of the commercial ” Boxing Makes You Bigger” is so clever. Everyone probably assumes it means muscles and physical size but then a small, skinny boy is shown in the commercial. In this case, “Boxing Makes You Bigger” clearly refers to the boys character and how boxing made him a better or “bigger” person. (266 words)

Sebastian Leirimaa