Racist ad from the 1940s.
”Why doesn’t your mama wash you with fairy soap?”

The advert made by Fairy Soap from the 1940’s is very racist. The advert has two little girls, one of them white and one of them black, standing in an unknown place. The black girl has a scruffy dress and short hair, and she doesn’t have any shoes on. The white girl has blonde shiny hair, a cute clean dress and shoes. In the ad the white girl asks the black girl: “Why doesn’t your mama wash you with fairy soap?” The little white girl thinks that the black girl has a dirty body when actually it is only her skin colour. When the advert was published, people thought that these types of adverts were perfectly normal but nowadays many think that these kinds of ads are very racist.

In the 1940’s black children and adults were discriminated publicly. Even the law said that black people have to have their own facilities, for example bathrooms, drinking fountains and restaurants. During the world war II, African Americans, Native Americans and Japanese Americans had to live and work in a certain part of town. In the advert there is symbolism in the little girls’ clothes because the black girl has dirty clothes on and the white girl has clean clothes on. The people who have made this advert perhaps wanted to point out that black people are “dirty inside”  or “not as clean” as white people.

This advert is very racist because it points out that black and white people are not equal human beings, when in fact all people are equal to each other. We would not buy Fairy Soap based on this advert.


Julia, Maria, Nina