The Coca-Cola commercial was released in the winter of 2010 on YouTube by Coca-Cola. The commercial shows that Coca-Cola is wild in many ways. There are a lot of wild animals and the man is walking past them without fear. The man also walks in the mountains, so it is a dangerous experience. The commercial portrays how Coca-Cola can be a wild experiment.

In the Coca-Cola commercial there is a man who is asleep and then he goes  sleep walking in Africa, which is savage. He travels through a savanna and mountains and they are scary because of the wild animals and a high drop.  He just walks past the wild animals without being scared. He walks past some animals like elephants, a leopard and a hippo. In the end he goes to the fridge and take some Coca-Cola and travels back home. He is sits in front of his house with an animal and drinking the Coca-Cola which he got. He is very satisfied while drinking it.

In conclusion, the Coca-Cola commercial is designed to sell the beverage to young people who want wild experiences.

By Ellen, Linda and Ninni