The Epic Split (published November 13th, 2013) is all about telling cleverly about new Volvos inventions, without watcher even notices what it’s all about before the ending lines. With two brand new Volvos, Jean-Claude Van Damme performs his famous split stunt which is top class from Hollywood.

When you open the video, you see Van Damme in sunset with two golden trucks. Van Damme has his eyes closed and he looks calm. Quickly you can notice that those trucks are moving and music plays. You can’t see him speaking but you hear his voice, like he is thinking. He opens his eyes and soon camera zooms out and you can see him standing on the rear view mirrors. When Enya starts singing the Only Time, the left trucks moves away from the other. Van Damme ends up in a split between those golden colored trucks.

Everything in this video have been “polished” to be perfect. The contrasts in the colors have been thought trough, the black asphalt, bright sky, the yellow glow from the sunset, golden trucks and the hills in the horizon, which gives soft, calm feeling. Van Damme has that blue jean jacket which pops out perfectly and  draws the attention to him.

The lines that Van Damme calmly tells, about his uphills, downhills and bumpy roads, are actually connected to driving, how Volvo has that power to survife trough those tough environment which it has to go, just like Van Damme did. He also tells about his perfectly crafted body and “legs which defy the laws of physics”, just like Volvo, perfect body, perfect suspension. The song that plays in the background is Enyas – Only Time. It fits on this stunt because its calm and gentle. All thought it doesn’t tell about driving, the lyrics goes “Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, only time?”. The stunt have been done in the evening when the day have flowed and on the road which looks like it never ends. The second part which you hear about the song is telling about growing love and what your heart desires, and that represents what you could feel towards Volvos.

Video represent the skills of Van Damme and precision of Volvos, and its a pack filled with Hollywood action and soft, touching audio and visual effects.