This Coca-Cola commercial was released in 2014 by Coca-Cola™. It is aired yearly by Coca-Cola to promote their brand and to make people buy more of their product.

For winter occasions, such as Christmas eve, people want to buy something sweet, and pleasant for everyone to enjoy. Coca-Cola can deliver that in many ways, with their soda for example.

The commercial really lifts up the Christmas spirit brought by the time of the year, when everything is snowy and lighted with Christmas lights. By bringing Santa Claus in as well, it really wraps up the whole commercial. Making Coca-Cola target the market more towards the families with young children than for rather older couples.

The video makes the audience feel happy, as the actors perform deeds that brings joy to some people. For example, helping a friend to an ice field in winter, and spinning him around a bit in his wheelchair. The commercial also makes yourself feel happy, seeing other people having a good time, socializing and having zips from Coca-Colas on the Christmas table, with possible relatives and family. Coca-Cola really makes us all think back to why and how you should spend your Christmas.