The Sony Playstation Vita portable gaming console ad is sexist. The ad is from year 2014, and it’s not quite suitable for modern market because modern people are more concerned about equality. If this ad had existed 20 years ago, it would’ve been considered as a typical “a little bit naughty” ad targeted for men, but now days people just take these gender equality related issues more seriously.

The joke of the ad is based to the fact that this “Playstation Vita” console has a touch screen on front and a touch pad on the back of the device, and the headline says “touch both sides for added enjoyment” so that’s basically a reference to these both side interactive touch surfaces.

It’s easy to see that the ad is mainly targeted for young men because of this sexism towards women, like the way they don’t even show the head of the lady, like women would be nothing more than a bunch of boobs.

The ad had a short life, it was in a few magazines but it was shortly banned after that because Sony got a lot of complaints about it. People found this ad very radical from a company like Sony and it’s different from Sony’s other ads and commercials which usually have no sexism at all.

People don’t usually think this kind of sexist advertising is right, but when you’re buying a product, you don’t usually care about “what kind of ads does the product have” if you like some product then you like it, and if you don’t like some product then you don’t like it, simple as that.