The Memphis BBQ Burger commercial released in 2012 by two sibling fast food restaurant chains (Carl`s Jr& Hardees)  promotes a meaty super tasty looking hamburger with two incredibly looking women drawing the viewers in.

In the commercial two models are in sort of a cook off , looking at each others spitefully but then they bump together and some of girls pork meat flies on top of the others cheeseburger merging the two. It seems to have created the perfect burger. After that the women eat the burgers with two drooling men filming them.

The commercials main idea is filming the two sexy women making the burgers with the main audience being men. The usual gender roles seem to swapped in the commercial ,because usually for the men to handle the grill at BBQ`s. The two burgers accidentally merging could also be a metaphor for Carls`s Jr and Hardees cooperation.

The commercial has had quite a lot of criticism. It is even compared to soft core porn and it gives unrealistic expectations about women and the burger as shown below.